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Night of the Squeal Hunter (2012)

Just wishing you all a Happy Halloween.  Here is a video I created (this semester) to go perfectly with the holiday … enjoy! :o) Inspiration for “Night of the Squeal Hunter” – Growing up, I loved The Nightmare Before Christmas by Tim Burton.  Ever since then, a part of me has been attracted to dark, […]

Will the Phoenix rise again?

Tonight, “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix wrapped up her career with WWE.  In her last match against AJ Lee, Phoenix initially lost via roll-up, but acting RAW supervisor Vickie Guerrero restarted the match, allowing Phoenix to pick up the win with the Glam Slam.  The bittersweet victory comes on the heels of speculation that Beth Phoenix would […]

Bobby James makes his IMPACT debut

Last night, I attended my first IMPACT Wrestling live event, and I must say, TNA sure does know how to throw a party.  More importantly, you heard it right, Bobby-james entered the Impact Zone (accompanied by Kacie)!  Let me first begin by thanking my friend Kris Long, who made it possible for me to visit – […]

St. Louis International Film Festival News

 This year marks the St. Louis International Film Festival’s 21st anniversary – and will be the fourth SLIFF I’ll attend.  The event begins November 8 and ends November 18.  Features, documentaries, and shorts will be screened at various theaters throughout the St. Louis area – The Tivoli, Plaza Frontenac, Webster University, Washington University, the Hi-Pointe Theater, and Wildey […]

Stratusfied: 30-Day Challenge starts NOW

At the beginning of 2012 I declared this would be my most successful fitness year – and to date, I’m still 20 pounds less than I was when I started that quest!  Unfortunately, at this point in the year, I had hoped to be in a very different place – and it seems the last couple […]

PolitiPost: “Sit down Governor Romney, thank you”

President Obama and Governor Romney met in their second debate, a town hall, moderated by Candy Crowly.  Compared to their last encounter, this debate maintained some similarities, but was vastly different in tone. Let me first say this:  I found many of the questions to be posed stereotypically – I’ll explain.  The “jobs” question was asked […]

PolitiPost: VP Debate – Biden vs. Ryan

Tonight’s debate between Vice President Biden and GOP hopeful Paul Ryan was more intense, intelligent, and lively than last weeks Obama-Romney encounter.  Paul Ryan delivered an amazing opening and closing, while Biden edged out Ryan with policy chatter – all under the watchful eye of Martha Raddatz.  To demonstrate the amount of battle, at one […]

Upcoming Post-Screening Panel

On Friday, October 12, 2012, I will be part of a post-screening panel discussing the film Confucius (2010).  Starring Chow Yun Fat (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon).  The film explores the life of the highly influential Chinese philosopher, Confucius. If you’re interested in attending, the screening is part of Lindenwood University’s Film Series.  Admission is $5 at Young Auditorium in […]

ENTERTAINMENT news: Hollywood’s “Board”

 The formerly imaginative world of Hollywood has announced a three picture deal with Hasbro to develop feature-length films about board games Monopoly and Hungry, Hungry Hippos and toy Action Man. Production on Monopoly is set to begin in 2013 with director Ridley Scott (Prometheus, Gladiator) rumored to be a producer on the project.  The current […]

PolitiPost: Obama vs. Romney

Tonight’s debate: the first in this Presidential race and the first I’ve ever watched.  President Obama went head to head with Governor Romney. Romney came off in a falsely confident, overzealous, arrogant and aggressive manner.  Problem is, I just spent over an hour watching Mitt Romney numerically bullet point his vague ideas and plans for America, and still only […]


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