Radio Bobby: Top 5 New Music Releases (11/18)

An apocalyptic takeover of Radio Bobby by Lady GaGa’s ARTPOP left last week’s new music releases out in the cold (hey, it snowed here last week – so they were literally left out in the cold!).  So this week, I’ll be using my Top 5 format to rank new music from this week and last week.  Time to let your ears explore:


1. “Talk” by Illy f. Kira Puru (hip-hop/rap) – Aussie rapper Illy tops the chart this week with “Talk,” an upbeat, very catchy song from his new album Cinematic.  I’m fond of Illy’s voice – he’s got a great flow and it’s got hints of his Aussie accent, distinguishing him from the pack of similar-sounding rappers in music today. The feature by Kira Puru is what we’ve come to expect from hip-hop/rap songs with pop appeal.  That said, I think Puru has a beautiful voice and I would suspect we’ll be hearing more from her in the next couple years.  First Illy has to “make it” in the US, then I’m sure fans will want more from Puru (kind of like a Gotye and Kimbra deal, you know?). Did I mention the background beat is great for dancing?

Ellie Goulding Mirror2.  “Mirror” by Ellie Goulding (pop/soundtrack) – from the soundtrack of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Ellie Goulding is great at creating ethereal, ambient music.  Her voice is soft, airy, and delicate.  Lay that on top of a background that sounds both swanky and peaceful and dangerously cautious and your mind begins to wonder about the images playing at the moment this song comes on.  (Need another suggestion from the soundtrack?  Listen to Christina Aguilera’s “We Remain“)

3. “Bonnie and Clyde” by Kellie Pickler (country) – Kellie Pickler has knack for sassy, alluring country music. Despite seeming like another bubbly blonde, she’s committed to this song and it makes her seem a little rough around the edges, “I knew I’d be doin’ time, when you locked your eyes with mine…you and me boy are dangerous, all I need’s a warning sign…” A great vocal and a historical/film reference?  Nice.

4. “Booty Monsta” by Borgore & Victor Niglio (dance) – I’m not sure what the “booty monsta” is, but I am sure, I’m in love with this instrumental/engineered dance track – this beat may or may not turn my booty into a monster… I bet it does yours too!

5. “Chasing Twisters” by Delta Rae (alternative) – despite the official listing as an “alternative” song, it feels a bit country (and that’s perfectly okay).  It’s an upbeat [love] song about loss and a desire for the departed to “come back to me darlin’.”


“Unconditionally” by Katy Perry – I’m a huge fan of director Tarsem Singh (Immortals, The Cell).  I love the look of his films – the surreal and accentuated beauty.  Perry’s “Unconditionally” video looks like it could be a Singh credit – especially those gorgeous falling snow clips! This has to be (by far) my favorite anything from Katy Perry.


Servers: speak out and stand up!

At various points in my life (and currently) I have waited tables.  Trust me when I say, there is never a dull moment – and there is never a shortage of trash that happens into your section from time to time (ex. I was once tipped 77 cents on a bill totaling $40.23 – how nice, right? I was never a whiz at math, but I think that’s just enough to get me a single piece of Double Bubble gum and a chance at the Wal-Mart claw machine!)

Outside of my family and friends (and co-workers), I never “air my dirty laundry” to the public, but a recent article has inspired this post.  I am a server.  I show up for every scheduled shift to serve people.  I am a person.  As such, I expect to be treated like a person! Servers are not your personal servants, rather, they are sales representatives hired to up-sell you food and drinks; and to be pleasant faces for the restaurant industry!

Bad Tip CommentaryWhat was in the article (in case you haven’t explored the hyperlink already)?  It’s a story of a waitress who was left $0 on a bill totaling $93.55.  I repeat, $93.55! No tip? Why? Because “I’m sorry, I cannot tip because I don’t agree with your lifestyle & how you live your life.” Seriously? This is an instance where I would have been fired on the spot – because sometimes, standing up for your principles may cost you your job, but I assure you, the principles are more important!

We servers do not work in search of the public’s approval of our lifestyles.  We could care less what you think of us. This made me think of the two times I’ve stood strongly for what I believe in (and trust me, I will never be censored!):

The first of which was during my time as a service trainer at Krieger’s Sports Grill (around St. Louis, MO).  One of our servers was openly gay.  One night, his boyfriend came to visit him (and sit in his section on the patio).  Next to that table was a family group (two adults, three children).  In this server’s down time, he visited with his significant other and everything seemed to be ok – until the following afternoon, when we received a phone call.

As a trainer, I was authorized to field the call.  The woman on the other end complained about her server being gay and that’s “not something I want my family to see.”  She demanded a refund!

My response went a little something like this:  “Oh. Ma’am, I’m sorry for your concern, but we do not discriminate based on sexual orientation during our hiring process.  If this is something you do not wish for your family to see, perhaps you should stay home and cook.  As for your refund, there won’t be one because the product you paid for and consumed has already been flushed down your toilet.” (click).

In that moment, I was angry – this was one of my co-workers and friends. How dare her make such a bold call and demand.  I wouldn’t (and didn’t) stand for it.

The second moment that comes to mind happened within the last three years.  There was a group of four people making fun of an usher they’d encountered while seeing a show at The Muny in St. Louis. His fault?  He was gay. This appalled me – and boggled my mind.  How could art-faring people be so close-minded?  I still don’t get it.  Regardless, I wasn’t having any of that either.  They were obnoxiously loud in their conversation and during their dining experience, I became increasingly agitated.

Later, just before they left, the girl my age asked for my phone number.  I declined with a serious face, I’m sure. The mother mockingly said, “He probably thinks we deserve a time-out.” I responded (without hesitation), “No, not a time out, but I am pretty sure you deserve some electroshock therapy and water-boarding, combined.” And I walked away.

The moral of this story (post) is that we are people and we do not lose our right to feel, to react, or to speak out and stand up for ourselves or our morals just because we walked through the door and clocked in.  Each of my responses were calculated and impulsive (witty) and they were appropriate for the close-mindedness on display.  I know what I said didn’t change their mind, but each time, I feel like I did what I could to take a stand and send them a message that their kind of hatred is not okay – and it’s not welcomed.

If you can’t afford to tip – don’t go out to eat.  If you can’t be accepting (or at least cordial) – don’t go out to eat.  And if you are a server, and should happen to encounter this situation, please remember:  You and your morals are worth more than that job!


Radio Bobby: Top 5 ARTPOP songs

Radio Bobby goes GaGa!


I know I’m posting late this week (and in fact, I haven’t posted in a LONG TIME) so I figured I’d dedicate this edition or Radio Bobby to ARTPOP! Let me start by saying that I’ve had a mixed reaction to Mother Monster’s most recent effort.  Previously, I’ve found myself rushing to the store to scoop up physical copies – and so far, I still haven’t bought the album – I don’t care how much foil is on the cover art.

Why?  It’s quite simple really – because of that horrendous song “Jewels N’ Drugs” (yes, I hate this song that much). Besides that, with the exception of the five songs featured here – I could take or leave the rest of the album – it’s pretty ho-hum – BUT, that’s not to say there aren’t songs that I’m really loving – so here they are – counted down from 5 to 1 (I’ve selected a videos to go with each of the songs).

5.  Venus - I love space and ancient Greek god/goddess references.  I also think it’s one of Lady GaGa’s better vocals on the album – that growl – it’s sexy, right?  Besides, when her voice touches me “I die just a little inside.”

4.  Do What U Want  – It’s daring and sultry vocal and R. Kelly’s appearance on the song only makes it that much better. I know I’m in the minority that loves R. Kelly’s feature, but I honestly think it only serves to enhance the song that would possibly be just another pop-dance track from GaGa. …and hey, it’s trendy – a little 50 Shades anyone?

3.  Sexxx Dreams – “Sexxx Dreams” is a dirty, nasty, trashy – slutty little song.  That’s all it takes for me to love it.

2. Applause - If there’s one thing Lady GaGa knows how to do, it’s create a hook.  “Applause” is a solid lead single from her album and an overall catchy tune.  I guarantee you’ve sang (out-loud, in the car, with the windows down, at a stoplight) to it and acted a little crazy in the process, yes? Not to mention, the awesomely artistic music video to accompany it? Come on.  This one’s a given!

1.  ARTPOP – Ever since I saw/heard GaGa perform this at the iTunes Music Festival, I’ve been in love with this song and have been begging for it to be a single. I believe “Artpop” is one of the most iconic GaGa songs ever recorded. It has a contemporary edge tinted with a little retro feel that triggers thoughts about the 60s and 70s and Cher (I’m thinking a combo of “Half-Breed” and “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves”).  I love the harrowing background vocals that come in about mid-way through the song and I love the overall feel that “Artpop” gives me.  Well done, GaGa, well done.  I’d rank this up there with my favorites (“Alejandro” and “Bad Romance”).

Is this edition of Radio Bobby an ARTPOP hit or miss?  Let me hear you!!!