The Story of Bobby James: 

Bobby 4

G’day – the name’s James, Bobby James.  Well, not actually – it’s more like my pseudonym – and no, I’m not a British secret service agent.

I guess I should start by telling you how the name Bobby James came to be.  Legally, my first name is James – but my friends and family have always called me Bobby (from my second middle name Robert).  During the first day of eighth grade history “Bobby James” was born.  The teacher was taking attendance and referred to me as “James;” my friends in class were calling me “Bobby.”

This confused a girl.  After explaining this to her three times, she gave up – said she didn’t get it and that she’d just call me “Bobby James.”  It stuck and I love it – and now, I own it.

Welcome to my site/blog.  I hope you’ll find something of interest here – I have a lot of them, so it’s my hope that one of them is yours too!  Some have said there are too many [interests] – and that my blog needs a greater, more defined focus.  I say… I like the variety – keeps life spicy!

Some topics you may encounter:  Entertainment (movies, music, TV, theater) news/reviews; Wildlife Conservation; Art (creation); Professional Wrestling (yes, I’m an avid and proud fan!); Journalism portfolio pieces (interviews/articles); and Fitness/Wellness blog posts/news… and maybe some other stuff (general blog posts).

Where I’m From:  I was born in St. Charles, Missouri – but I only spent half of my life [around] there.  The other half was spent [around] Ste. Genevieve, Missouri – in a little town by the name of Bloomsdale.  I’d like to think my upbringing is a hybrid one – because of it, I can embrace life and thrive in both urban/suburban and rural areas (but please, don’t  think I wrangle snakes, milk cows, sow/harvest crops, or hunt – if I relied on myself for those things, I’d most likely die – well maybe not, then again, maybe so…who knows).

Fun Fact:  the current population of St. Charles, Missouri is approx. 66,000 people – the current population of Bloomsdale, Missouri is approx. 520.  I think this illustrates the cultural differences.

What I Do:  When I’m not being a professional student, I work part-time and I manage The Cinema Club: St. Louis – a sneak peek film organization that screens independent and foreign films before they’re nationally released.

What I Want to Do:  Isn’t this the question?  Who, of us, has a definitive answer?  I don’t.  Do you?

When I was a child, I had zillion ideas for my life.  I was going to be a zoologist, a paleontologist, and an archaeologist (I may still bulldoze this house and start digging for the dinosaur underneath!).  Then I was going to be an actor, a professional wrestler, a writer, and eventually, a teacher. I even entertained the idea of working with the C.I.A. (not really really though).

So where am I with this? Well, truth is, I would love to be a novelist, children’s book author, visual artist, screenwriter, actor, and professional wrestler ( I want to be body slammed through tables and smashed in the head with folding chairs).  Someone once told me that you can’t do it all and that you can’t have it all… sadly, that’s my plan.  I want to do and have everything my heart desires – and ultimately, that’s a multi-platform media “empire.” Looks like I’ve got some work to do.

Oh, I forgot to mention – I wouldn’t mind winning an Oscar or two – or three…

My Credentials: 

Master of Arts: Communication – Lindenwood University, 2013

Bachelor of Arts: Film Studies – Webster University, 2010

Associate of Arts: Performing Arts- St. Louis Community College, 2008

I’ll leave you now with a few secrets:

My passion for acting developed in 1993 when I saw  Jurassic Park in theaters.  And let me be quite clear – I could have done an equal, if not better job, as “Tim Murphy” (Joseph Mazzello) in that movie… ah, the envy I felt at six.

My first celebrity crush was Laura Dern as “Dr. Ellie Sattler” in Jurassic Park. 

My favorite movie – if you couldn’t tell – is Jurassic Park, but it’s followed very closely by Ang Lee’s 2005 classic Brokeback Mountain.

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