Growing up, my Grandma Sarah always urged me to become a writer.  She placed great faith in my abilities – probably more faith than I’ve ever had in myself.  Eventually, writing – especially creative writing – became one of my many passions.  Throughout high school, I took great pride in having poetry published and becoming the 2004-2005 Creative Writing Award recipient at my high school.  Since then, my mind has wandered to many different places and introduced me to many different characters.  I find myself with a creative abundance of stories just waiting to be written and told.  Below you’ll find some of the independent projects I’m very passionate about – and you’ll also find some of the work I’ve done on a professional level.  Thanks for reading and keep your eyes open for more writing by BOBBY JAMES.



In June 2014, I became a content contributor for IMPACTWRESTLING.com.  Follow the link to read my first television coverage article for IMPACT Wrestling! View My IMPACT Coverage (6-5-2014) Here

From TNA IMPACT Wrestling’s Website: “IMPACTWRESTLING.com is our primary hub for all online content. With weekly show footage, backstage interviews, match previews, exclusive news, pictures and more, the official TNA website receives over 1 million unique visitors monthly.”


Formerly a film reviewer and co-founder of As Seen By.  Film reviews I wrote between 2011-2013 may be found exclusively on As Seen By.  Reviews will now be found here on BOBBY’S WORLD.


The Story of Piph (children’s book) – COMPLETED – sent for review/awaiting comments

Lifted from my 2013 Christmas card, Piph is the story of a very special little elephant.  Draft one of the story is complete, as are five illustrations.  Target publication date:  Fall 2014.

Untitled Poetic Sexual Odyssey (erotica/poetry) – in progress

Most of my good ideas come to me while I’m washing my hair.  This idea happened that way too.  I’ve decided to explore sexuality and sex through a poetic odyssey that chronicles one person’s journey from loneliness to pleasure, to ultimately the discovery of self-worth, love and passion.  Target completion date:  Summer 2014.

The Adventures of Coffee M. Monkey and Sarah (novel) – in progress

The Adventures were conceived in 2007, following the death of my Grandma Sarah.  The story tells of the many dream-world adventures a young girl has with a monkey that came to life from one of her drawings.  My literary inspirations for the story include Dr. Seuss and Antoine De Sainte-Exupery (author, The Little Prince).

Boug & S’More: A Swamp Tale (novel) – in progress

After traveling to New Orleans in 2012, I developed a concept for a story now titled Boug & S’more: A Swamp Tale.  The story follows a little boy (and his imagination) on his many expeditions into a Louisiana swamp.


Backdurbreeze (short film) – completed May 2013.

An informercial parody, Backdurbreeze is all about flatulence.  “Are you takin’ it all in?”

Elephants: Blood Ivory (short film) – completed in December 2012.

A follow-up piece to The Ivory Role, I wanted to create a story that, again, rose awareness to the persistent issue of elephant poaching while emphasizing the illegal use of ivory in Asian countries, China, in particular.

The Main Street Murders (short film screenplay) – completed in December 2012.

This was a final project for one of my graduate courses.  I’d like to develop this idea further – into a feature screenplay.  It’s a neo-noir that plays with many different conventions of both noir and society during the early 1950s.

The Ivory Role (short film) – completed in May 2010.

I wrote The Ivory Role to lend my voice to the opposition against the illegal ivory trade and unnecessary slaughter of elephants across Asia and Africa.

Beau & Gavin (story/short stage play) – completed in 2008.

Believe it or not, Beau & Gavin was inspired by a one-sentence strip of paper that read, “Imagine you just learned that your boyfriend/girlfriend was diagnosed with AIDS.”  Michelle Rebollo, the instructor, hand picked this dramatic situation for me during an improvisation lesson because she wanted to see my dramatic acting style.  Success.  I’d like to develop this idea further and create a full screenplay.

The Bobby-james Show (episode 2) – (short stage play) – completed in February 2007.

What happens when you blend Oprah and Jerry Springer together and throw in a pinch of WWE? The Bobby-james Show.  This episode featured a dysfunctional family that played up various societal stereotypes.

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