Monthly Archives: December 2012


I just wanted to take a moment to say Happy New Year to everyone that has visited, commented on, shared, or stumbled upon my little blog.  May 2013 bring all of you memories of happiness, moments of zen, and quality time with friends and family.  I look forward to an even more creative and productive […]

The 2012 Bobby-james Awards: Music + Top 50 Songs

There have been some major hits and misses in music this year – and then again, there were some major hits that were just terrible misses, despite being hits (see “Call Me Maybe,” “Gangnam Style,” Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, etc.).  This marks the sixth year I’ve done year-end “Best Of” with music and the first […]

The 2012 Bobby-james Awards: Impact Wrestling

Welcome back to The Bobby-james Awards.  The last installment which marked what I thought was the best of the WWE caused a bit of a stir – so let’s see if what I’ve got for Impact Wrestling does the same. Commentator/Announcer of the Year:  Christy Hemme Unlike the WWE, the “voice” of this company doesn’t […]

The 2012 Bobby-james Awards – WWE: Diva Domination

Ladies and Gentlemen!  May I present to you the first portion of The 2012 Bobby-james Awards.  This year marks the eleventh year I’m presenting Bobby-james Awards for Best of the WWE.  I’ve added some categories and consolidated Superstar of the Year since the brand extension officially ended in 2012.  These are the awards the people in WWE should […]

PREMIERE: “Elephants: Blood Ivory”

This week I debuted my new documentary short titled Elephants: Blood Ivory. This a follow-up to a 2010 short I did titled The Ivory Role.  Inspired by the October 2012 National Geographic article, I wanted to highlight the very real issue of poaching and do my part to help end it.  I created African tribal-inspired […]

Will Kharma (Kia Stevens) return to the WWE?

In early 2011, promo videos for Kharma (Kia Stevens) began airing on WWE Television.  Stevens, who’d gained prominence as Awesome Kong on TNA Impact, had an impending debut with the WWE.  Following the Extreme Rules match between Layla El and Michelle McCool, Kharma debuted and put an exclaimation point on the end of Michelle McCool’s WWE career when she delivered […]