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Never Going Back: The Fight for Marriage Equality

“The only reason they [gays and lesbians] want to be legally married is that they want money, money, money.  They want the federal, state and county money that has been set aside for a man and female…They should not be allowed to have it.  Marriage is only between a man and a woman,” says Sandra […]

Supreme Court convenes for Marriage Equality

Today the United States Supreme Court is in session to begin discussing Marriage Equality.  Where will you stand on this day?  I’m standing on the right side of history.  Love is love.  Live and let live.  I support marriage equality and full-fledged equal rights for every American citizen.

ENTERTAINMENT news: The Magical World of Disney

Disney has been the talk of Tinseltown this past week – from the strong weekend opening of Oz, The Great and Powerful ($79 million) to the announcement that Disney is shutting down their 2-D, hand-drawn animation division.  This week, Disney is adding more fuel to their blazing wildfire: they’re “re-imagining” Beauty and the Beast.  The newest […]

ENTERTAINMENT news: Bates Motel & American Horror Story 3

By now it’s no surprise that classic horror stories and characters are taking over primetime television, just look at the growing list of established or upcoming shows (American Horror Story, Bates Motel, Dracula, Hannibal, The Following, etc.) of the genre.  On March 18, A&E will be premiering Bates Motel, a prequel series that explores the “origins” of Norman Bates.  Bates, portrayed by […]

Feminism Fading: the Rise of Social Media

Susan B. Anthony. Gloria Steinem. Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Eleanor Roosevelt. Harriet Tubman. Cleopatra. Joan of Arc. Hillary Clinton. Queen Elizabeth. Princess Diana. Boadicea.  Hatshepsut. Audrey Hepburn. Moms. All feminist icons from different eras – all leaders or revolutionaries who have made a change for, and continue to inspire women around the globe – but what […]