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The Jungle Beat

New Art: The Jungle Beat

Inspired by my most recent textured/layered work SUPERNOVA, I wanted to round out the month of February with one final piece of abstract art: I love creating new art with @crayola scented markers! It's like smelling a box of #FruitLoops the entire time! — Bobby James (@TheBobbyjames) February 28, 2014 This piece is titled THE […]


New Art: A Supernova, Skater Boy, Shadow, Mother Monster, Elephants, & a Vision

I’ve been BUSY creating new [visual] art throughout February (instead of writing, which was the goal!). You’ve probably seen most of the recent works, which include: Gerry’s Flamingo, Dancer, Lion, Flamboyance, and my surprise 17-piece collection titled Visions of Meditation – but there’s more! Today I’m unveiling 8 new pieces – in just this one post! As usual, I’ve added small descriptive paragraphs […]

Visions of Meditation - Day 9

New Art: Visions of Meditation

When I started learning and practicing yoga (in 2008), I began to notice that during meditation I would have “visions.” These “visions” would include bursts of lights, colors, images, and sometimes, white nothingness. Two and a half weeks ago, when I publicly announced and launched my #BeOlympic fitness challenge (see the results here), I secretly launched an artistic challenge:  […]


#BodyBobby update: The #BeOlympic Challenge Results!

To coincide with the opening ceremonies of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, I launched my #BodyBobby Olympic Challenge (#BeOlympic).  The goal was to include daily exercise during every single day of the Olympic games.  Here was the original post. I had four goals in mind:  1,350 squats, 510 minutes of Yoga & Meditation, 340 minutes […]

Michael Sam

The Price of Coming Out: Michael Sam

Let me preface this blog with the following statement:  I am not an avid football fan or follower.  My football viewership is limited to Superbowl advertisements and half-time shows.  This is all some people will need to know about what I’m going to say – because that statement alone has its own set of implications […]


The Sochi Olympics and New Art: “Flamboyance”

The Sochi Winter Olympics are upon us – and not without controversy. Last summer, President Vladimir Putin endorsed and signed anti-gay legislation, and recent viral videos suggest that members of the Russian LGBT community are now living in an increasingly hostile environment.  Leading up to these Olympic Games, videos and reports have emerged highlighting detestable acts of animal cruelty […]

Originally drawn in 2007, I've recycled this image to be the cover art for #BodyBobby.

#BodyBobby Update and the “Olympic Challenge”

Good morning!  As you may have seen in another post of mine earlier this week, so far #BodyBobby hasn’t been the take-off success I’d hoped it would be.  I started the year at 230 pounds – and since the second week of January, I’ve held steady at 225.  Blah. So I’ve decided to challenge myself […]


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