Monthly Archives: February 2014

New Art: The Jungle Beat

Inspired by my most recent textured/layered work SUPERNOVA, I wanted to round out the month of February with one final piece of abstract art: I love creating new art with @crayola scented markers! It's like smelling a box of #FruitLoops the entire time! ūüôā — Bobby James (@TheBobbyjames) February 28, 2014 This piece is titled […]

New Art: A Supernova, Skater Boy, Shadow, Mother Monster, Elephants, & a Vision

I’ve been BUSY creating new [visual] art throughout February (instead of writing, which was the goal!). You’ve probably seen most of the recent works, which include: Gerry’s Flamingo, Dancer,¬†Lion, Flamboyance, and my surprise 17-piece collection titled Visions of Meditation¬†– but there’s more! Today I’m unveiling¬†8 new pieces – in¬†just this one¬†post!¬†As¬†usual, I’ve added¬†small descriptive paragraphs […]

New Art: Visions of Meditation

When I¬†started learning and¬†practicing yoga (in 2008), I began to notice that¬†during meditation I would have “visions.” These “visions” would include bursts of lights, colors, images, and sometimes, white nothingness.¬†Two and a half weeks ago, when I publicly announced and launched my #BeOlympic fitness challenge (see the results here), I secretly launched an artistic challenge:¬† […]

#BodyBobby update: The #BeOlympic Challenge Results!

To coincide with the opening ceremonies of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, I launched my #BodyBobby Olympic Challenge (#BeOlympic).¬† The goal was to include daily exercise during every single day of the Olympic games.¬† Here was the original post. I had four goals in mind:¬† 1,350 squats, 510 minutes of Yoga & Meditation, 340 minutes […]

The Price of Coming Out: Michael Sam

Let me preface this blog with the following statement: ¬†I am not an avid football fan or follower. ¬†My football viewership is limited to Superbowl advertisements and half-time shows. ¬†This is all some people will need to know about what I’m going to say – because that statement alone has its own set of implications […]

The Sochi Olympics and New Art: “Flamboyance”

The Sochi Winter Olympics are upon us – and¬†not without controversy. Last summer, President Vladimir Putin endorsed and signed anti-gay legislation, and recent viral videos¬†suggest that members of the Russian LGBT community are now living in an increasingly¬†hostile environment.¬† Leading up to these Olympic Games, videos and reports have emerged¬†highlighting detestable acts of animal cruelty […]

#BodyBobby Update and the “Olympic Challenge”

Good morning!¬† As you may have seen in another post of mine earlier this week, so far #BodyBobby hasn’t been the take-off success I’d hoped it would be.¬† I started the year at 230 pounds – and since the second week of January, I’ve held steady at 225.¬† Blah. So I’ve decided to challenge myself […]