Journalism Portfolio

Welcome to my journalism portfolio.  Here you’ll find articles I’ve written – from softer editorial pieces to harder, more controversial stories.

A Media Comment: “Carol” and gay cinema in 2015 – an editorial about the reactions of audience members during a significant, cinematic triumph like Carol (2015) compared to Brokeback Mountain (2005).

Fostering Rorogoi – a feature blog for Darden Digest (Darden Restaurants). The blog details the use of my birthday as a fundraiser and event to raise awareness for the conservation of endangered species (notably elephants and big cats). (published 10 Sept. 2014)

A Media Comment: Animated Feature ≠ “Kid’s Movie” – an editorial about not calling animated features “kids’ movies.”

A Media Comment: Hollywood’s New Obsession with Bizarre Sex – an editorial exploring bizarre sex in contemporary media.

David Wolk and the Myth of the CHARM APE – an editorial interview with St. Louis artist David Wolk about his CHARM APE exhibition.

The following links are for articles created in an online journalism class at Lindenwood University – socially referred to as Virtual 300.  We were asked to create eight stories (2 nature, 2 people, 2 places, and 2 things) to broaden the scope of our portfolio.  These are the stories I completed throughout the Spring 2013 semester (most recent listed first).

#SaveElephants – a pro-conservation; anti-poaching article; interview with Susan Gallagher of the St. Louis Zoo

The “Cruel Mystery” and Butterflies of Hope – an article and interview to raise lupus awareness; interview with Charlene Jansen, lupus patient

Lindenwood’s Curious Gender Studies Affair – an article exploring Lindenwood University’s addition of a Gender Studies program; interview with Dr. Heather Brown-Hudson, program coordinator

CVS: Penalties for a Plan of Health – an article exploring CVS’ “optional” health screenings; and interview with fitness trainer Nate Jones

Calm Before the Storm: Identification and Safety – an all media story about severe weather identification and precaution; interview with Joe Schneider, meteorology instructor at St. Louis Community College: Meramec

Never Going Back: The Fight for Marriage Equality – an article exploring the watershed same-sex marriage movement; interview with Rev. Betsy Happel of Kirkwood United Church of Christ

Fading Feminism: the Rise of Social Media – an article about the decline of the feminist movement in the wake of social media; interview with Dr. Kay Blalock, history professor at St. Louis Community College: Meramec

Soar with Eagles on World Eagle Day – an article written about eagle conservation and the World Bird Sanctuary; interview with Cathy Spahn, World Bird Sanctuary handler

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