This ‘Trans’ crap is going too far!

“This trans crap is going too far! My daughter does not need some dude still possessing a male organ walking into her bathroom, but because he says he is a woman it’s ok? He is a pervert and sick in the head! And most likely, he is a pedophile!”

An Ice Cream Social: Three Republicans and Me.

I recognize I live in a state where Democrats, especially the present breed of them, are increasingly finding themselves in uncompetitive races. There seems to be an aura of avoidance with “progressives,” as if they’re “above it.” The reality is – the work is on the ground – it’s at the ice cream socials with Republican candidates in rural and semi-rural areas. It’s not in the outraged online forums or in the prevailing cancel culture. The real work is hard and the hard work doesn’t happen without talking to people.

The Dangers of Cancel Culture

Canceling – or “calling out” – people establishes ineffective methods for communication, especially when face-to-face interaction is lacking. This increases reactivity and the likelihood of aggressive response and tension. Worse, the level of permanence is detrimental, and … (READ MORE)

America Burns.

This is the ugly face of America and the darkness of racism covering our land. We have a duty to speak out against injustice. Cities are burning in riots – in places like Ferguson, Missouri and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Many of us don’t see the value in destruction and violence. In fact, we condemn it. Instead, we might consider why these demonstrations occur – because we forget and are failing in our duty to speak, to demand justice, and to drive social change and equality.

So, you want to eat out during COVID-19?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT In many places, restaurant workers are returning to floors this week, as stay-at-home orders expire, and businesses are permitted to reopen. The reality is this: A majority of these workers are returning to limited capacity dining rooms. This increases the likelihood servers will earn less than they did pre-pandemic. They’re also guaranteed…

The United States is failing victims of mass shootings.

Pulse Nightclub. June 12, 2016. Orlando, Florida. Gunman kills 50. Las Vegas. October 1, 2017. Las Vegas, Nevada. Gunman kills 58. Stoneman Douglas High School. February 14, 2018. Parkland, Florida. Gunman kills 17. Virginia Beach. May 31, 2019. Virginia Beach, Virginia. Gunman kills 13. Context This morning, I read about Scot Peterson being charged with…