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I’m a freelance and award-winning* writer from St. Louis. From television coverage for Impact Wrestling, to poems and novels in progress – I have big dreams and hope that you’ll join me on this journey.

A note:

I am a writer because I love creating characters, settings and stories that I – and you – can believe in. Whether it’s a bayou boy named Boug, an innovative Brontosaurus named Pato, or a “snow white elephant” named Piph – I want my characters and their stories to capture your minds and your hearts.

Growing up, my Grandma Sarah urged me to become a writer. I resisted at first, but she read my poetry and stories often and her encouragement only grew. When I had little faith, she offered me hope.

That hope factors into much of my work, and the stories I create feature – and nurture – optimism and resiliency.

It is my sincere wish that whatever I write – whether it be a blog post or a novel – resonates with someone. I hope that at least one of my characters finds a place in your heart and that someday, all of their stories can be told (I’m looking at you Pixar).

CREATIVE WRITING (** indicates a story has been publicly presented)

Here’s a look at what’s done or upcoming, from original Christmas cards (“holiday”) to much larger, more ambitious plans (screenplays, novels, Children’s books). Browse the titles and select plot summaries:

The Legend of Pato (2015)** – poetry

  • Pato is an innovative, brave and resilient young Brontosaurus. One night, he’s separated from his herd – and when they’re reunited, his legend is born.

The Tale of Toff & Tot (2014)** – poetry/holiday

Untitled Sexual Odyssey (2014) – poetry/erotica series (in progress)

  • This is a chronicle of one person’s journey from loneliness to pleasure, to the ultimate discovery of self-worth, love and passion.
  • fun-fact: This is an exploration that ventures beyond my comfort zone as a writer. It’s raw, vulgar and explicit.

Boug & S’More: A Swamp Tale (2013) – novel (in progress)

  • After traveling to New Orleans in 2012, I developed a concept for a story now titled Boug & S’More: A Swamp Tale.  The story follows a little boy (and his imagination) on his many expeditions into the bayou in search of a friend.

The Story of Piph (2013)** – poetry/holiday/Children’s Book (in progress)

  • Lifted from my 2013 Christmas card, Piph is the story of a very special little elephant and his search for life – and a place to belong.

Backdurbreeze (2013) – screenplay [short], comedy/parody

Candy Cane the Giraffe (2012)** – poetry/holiday

The Main Street Murders (2012) – screenplay [short], drama/neo-noir

  • A neo-noir, The Main Street Murders confronts and bends the conventions of film noir in the 1950s.

Elephants: Blood Ivory (2012) – screenplay [short], documentary

Hubble the Penguin (2011) – poetry/holiday

The Ivory Role (2010) – screenplay [short], documentary

Beau & Gavin (2008) – stage play [short], drama

The Adventures of Coffee M. Monkey & Sarah (2007) – novel (in progress)

  • The Adventures were conceived in 2007, following the death of my Grandma Sarah.  Sarah is a dreamer and a drawer. One night, a drawing comes to life with an urgent message. Then, she and “Coffee M. Monkey” must embark on a dream world journey of the utmost importance.
  • Literary inspiration for the story: Dr. Seuss and Antoine De Sainte-Exupery (author, The Little Prince).

The Bobby James Show (2007) – stage play [short], comedy

  • What happens when you blend Oprah, Jerry Springer and the WWE? The Bobby James Show. The show featured a dysfunctional family playing up societal stereotypes.


In 2011, my friend Dianna and I co-founded As Seen By (2011-2013), a film review site. The idea that “We’ve got the ‘reel’ scoop,” came during a film lecture – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Since 2013, the site’s remained inactive. Dianna’s married and focused her efforts on Bright Charisma, while I’ve moved into crafting an online portfolio and outlet of my known – Bobby’s World.



In June 2014, I began freelancing as a weekly content contributor for IMPACTWRESTLING.com.  You may follow the link to read my first television coverage article: IMPACT Coverage (6-5-2014)

From TNA IMPACT Wrestling’s Website: “IMPACTWRESTLING.com is our primary hub for all online content. With weekly show footage, backstage interviews, match previews, exclusive news, pictures and more, the official TNA website receives over 1 million unique visitors monthly.”

Thank you for viewing this page.


Creative Writing Award (2005) – Ste. Genevieve Senior High

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