I’m a freelance and award-winning* writer from St. Louis. From television coverage for Impact Wrestling, to poems and novels in progress – I have big dreams and hope that you’ll join me on this journey.

A note:

I am a writer because I love creating characters, settings and stories that I – and you – can believe in. Whether it’s a bayou boy named Boug, an innovative Brontosaurus named Pato, or a “snow white elephant” named Piph – I want my characters and their stories to capture your minds and your hearts.

Growing up, my Grandma Sarah urged me to become a writer. I resisted at first, but she read my poetry and stories often and her encouragement only grew. When I had little faith, she offered hope.

That hope factors into much of my work, and the stories I create feature – and nurture – optimism and resiliency.

It is my sincere wish that whatever I write – whether it be a blog post or a novel – resonates with someone. I hope that at least one of my characters finds a place in your heart and that someday, all of their stories can be told (I’m looking at you Pixar).


Novel | Children’s Book | Novella

The Adventures of Coffee M. Monkey and Sarah (2007-2022, novel)
A young girl named Sarah ventures through dream worlds with her friend, Coffee M. Monkey, in search of a way to save her grandmother.

Status: Drafted four times. Scratched. Announced.

Boug & S’More: A Swamp Tale (2013-2018, novel)
Set in New Orleans, Boug & S’More is the story of an unlikely friendship between a little bayou boy and an alligator.

Status: Unpublished.

The Story of Piph (2014-2017, children’s book)
Piph is children’s story about a snow-white elephant faced with very real – and imagined – adversity. It’s a truly tragic tale filled with hope, acceptance and courage.

Status: Unpublished. Fourth draft completed, June 2017.

Short Story | Poetry

Montana’s Memoires (2021) – Christmas card/short story
Morning Again (2021) – poem
Matteo (2020) – short story
Lixiero’s Diplodocus (2020) – Christmas card/short story
The Christmas Tale of Mischief (2019) – Christmas card/poetic short story
Afternoon Melancholy (2019) – poem
Late Summer Night (2019) – poem
Wishes in Winter (2018) – Christmas card/short story
Matumaini (2017) – Christmas card/short story
Fluff and Hum: A Fireside Miracle (2016) – Christmas card/short story
Through My Eden
The Legend of Pato
(2015)* – Christmas card/short story
The Tale of Toff & Tot (2014)* – Christmas card/short story
The Story of Piph (2013)* – Christmas card/short story
Candy Cane the Giraffe (2012)* – Christmas card/short story
Hubble the Penguin (2011) – Christmas card/short story

Poetic Sexual Odyssey (2014-present) – on hold

* denotes the public presentation | 17 Dec. 2015 at Picasso’s Coffeehouse

Film | Television | Stage

Backdurbreeze (2013, parody)
The Lindy Awards (2013, teleprompter script, Lindenwood University)
The Mainstreet Murders (2012, screenplay, unproduced)
Elephants: Blood Ivory (2012, documentary short)
The Ivory Role (2010, documentary short)
The Bobby James Show (2007, stage play)

Freelance | Featured | Published


TNA Entertainment, LLC (2014-2016)
Provided weekly television coverage for online dissemination. The site reaches in excess of one million unique monthly visitors.

“Fostering Rorogoi” (10 Sept. 2014, Darden Digest)
A featured “guest” blog hosted through Darden Digest, an online blog for Darden Concepts, Inc.


As Seen By (2011-2013), co-founder | film commentator
“We’ve got the ‘reel’ scoop.” As Seen By was developed with a classmate just after we graduated from Webster University. Dianna Dietrich and I combined our majors, film studies (me) and web design (her) to deliver a unique film reviewing experience. The site has remained inactive since 2013.

Journalism Samples
There is a select catalogue of my online-hosted articles here.

Ste. Genevieve High School Dragon Staff (2003-2005; Assistant Editor, 2005)

Ste. Genevieve High School Spirit Staff (News Editor, May 2005)


Creative Writing Award, 2005 (awarded by Ste. Genevieve Senior High School)

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