Inspiration and Artistic History

Art has always been a passion of mine, I’ve drawn and colored since I could hold crayons, markers, and pencils.  Visual Art has been a great way for me to illustrate ideas, bring concepts to life or to simply enjoy a quiet moment.  As a child I was always drawn to abstract ideas, animals and dinosaurs.  As I grew, my artistic scope began encompassing more.

The male figure entered my artistic scope in high school, as a direct response to my cousin’s advanced drawing courses in college.

Inspired by Roxanne (my cousin, of course!), who was studying figure drawing, I created Torso in 2005.  Torso would serve as my inspiration for my “Faceless Man” Series, a series devoted to male figures without faces.  The collection continues to grow by the year.

Though some of my best works are figure drawings created from pencil and ink, my most expressive and creative works are created with markers, colored pencils, or pastels.  These elements are generally found in my “Elephants” Series.  Elephants are one of my favorite mammals and represent positive and inspiring qualities, which I hope my work has captured.

The top [.elephants.] photo was created as a companion piece to a documentary short I directed and produced in 2010 titled The Ivory Role.  To date, the short and this image have been seen in over 90 countries and counting!  The bottom two photos were c

reated as companion pieces to “The Ivory Role.”

As art goes, every artist has historical and cultural inspiration.  Given I rarely use paint and never create landscape pieces, some may find it interesting that one of my early influences was the French impressionist painter Claude Monet (my favorite Monet is Ice Floes).  Monet’s influence is probably most seen in my early work, where I tended to use light or pastel colors and asymmetrical balance.

I’ve drawn inspiration from Michael Breyette (, and traditional Indian (as seen in “The Ivory Role”) and Aboriginal art.  I’ve begun blending dots and circles with rudimentary techniques (i.e. cross-hatching, shading) for many of my recent works to create pieces illustrating the various cultural, simplistic, and historical influences.

Recently, I was inspired by David Wolk’s hybrid art show/theatrical experience Charm Ape to create a new series (seen below) featuring human bodies with animal masks.

Art of 2015

Art of 2014

Art of 2013

Art of 2012 

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