New Art: Nina, Mya and Queen Isis

Last week, there was a bit of a clown craze.  This week, I’m tackling sexy.  The three pieces I present here, Mya, Nina, and Queen Isis, all began with an idea for hair.

Nina was first in this group.  On my wall there’s a Marilyn Monroe poster.  I looked at that to draw inspiration, but didn’t want to simply duplicate something in existence – so I exaggerated some features (eyes, lips) to create a lusty Russian-esque woman.  I’m satisfied to present:


(c) 2014, Bobby James

Nina. (c) 2014. Bobby James. Pencil/Marker

Next, I wanted to create a desirable, perhaps exotic American girl.  That’s Mya.  She’s got flowing black hair, a dark tan complexion and an innocent face.  She’s that diamond you may find in small-town, Midwestern or Southern America.  Here’s:


(c) 2014, Bobby James

Mya. (c) 2014. Bobby James. Pencil/Marker.

Finally, the most recent creation (6/15) is Queen Isis.  Knowing I wanted to create a strong black female with a ‘fro, for whatever reason, I kept thinking of Beyoncé’s character “Foxy Cleopatra” from whatever Austin Powers movie that was.  I knew I wanted Queen Isis to command attention and to fill the page.  She’s strong, she’s beautiful, she’s powerful and she’s … ready to disco?  I’m really satisfied with the final result, I think the “Queen” turned out exactly how I’d envisioned her – with beauty, power, attitude, and bold color! All hail:

Queen Isis

(c) 2014, Bobby James

Queen Isis. (c) 2014. Bobby James. Marker/Pencil.
Queen Isis. (c) 2014. Bobby James. Marker/Pencil.

There they are, the latest additions to my 2014 art collection:  View more of My Art here and use the comments section to express your likes/dislikes about the work.  Thanks for looking!


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