New Art: Enter the Circus!

I’m on a clown craze lately! I’m beginning to think I’m designing creepy clowns to overcome my fear of them?  I have to prepare for the upcoming Freakshow season of American Horror Story, after all.

That said, there are a few pieces to introduce to the new (organically so) collection!

First I’ll begin with Burlesque.  Recently I was told that my art – and all of the skinny subjects – were perpetuating stereotypes and reinforcing current ideas of body image.  I considered this thought.  Was there a point?  Perhaps.  Or perhaps the images I present are what is necessary for the piece as I’ve envisioned it.  Either way, I created Burlesque with a woman named ShowMe Charlotte (Charlotte Sumtimes, etc.) in mind.  She was the first burlesque performer I’d ever seen, and I loved how completely comfortable and beautiful she is.  She’s also seductive and knows how to own her stage.  Currently in the mindset for clowns, though, I gave this image a twist and created a very colorful, curvaceous burlesque woman, the first of her kind – I present:

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(c) 2014, Bobby James

Burlesque. (c) 2014. Bobby James
Burlesque. (c) 2014. Bobby James

The next piece, Sin & Lust is intended to not only be homoerotic (you can thank National LGBT Pride Month for the current excess of homoerotic art being produced), but to be an idealized vision of a dark, twisted circus act.  The two, as you can see are co-stars and suggestively lovers (as intended by the similar tattoos).  Sin & Lust are intertwined – linked together by fate and the circus.  (note:  I really, really want to find a way to have this circus-themed underwear produced! Anyone know how to sew? Haha).  Here are:

Sin & Lust

(c) 2014, Bobby James.

Sin & Lust (c) 2014. Bobby James.
Sin & Lust (c) 2014. Bobby James.

Thirdly, I present The Recruitment.  For this piece, I have a white man and black woman (the circus power couple) recruiting a new clown to the circus.  Her offer is a balloon, his offer is her.  Controversial?  Maybe, maybe not – that depends on your reaction.  Will he or won’t he accept the offers and join this group? Is the circus all he’s being recruited for? Here I decided to play a bit more with hair – and the concept of hats and wigs.  The black male clown features a wig I created separately and applied to the picture later.  I present:

The Recruitment

(c) 2014, Bobby James.

The Recruitment (c) 2014. Bobby James.
The Recruitment (c) 2014. Bobby James.

Finally, I give you Circus FreakCircus Freak is intended to be dark and unsettling.  He’s peering over his shoulder – he’s coming for you.  For this image, I wanted to try my hand at circus lettering, which I worked in as a tattoo prominently featured between the clown’s shoulders.  Here is:

Circus Freak

(c) 2014, Bobby James.

Circus Freak (c) 2014. Bobby James.
Circus Freak (c) 2014. Bobby James.

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the pieces.  Feedback is not only always welcomed, but encouraged.  What do these images make you think? I’m dying to know!


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