New Art in February: “February Joy” to “Burning Desire”

Happy last day of February!

At the beginning of this month, I presented a piece of art titled February Joy, which was extremely well-received (the piece even fetched a couple purchase offers – will it sell?). Designed after pieces titled Moondust, I’ll Keep Loving You and Falling (see those pieces – and more – here), February Joy was supposed to represent my return to bright, bold and my oft-described style of “happy art.”

I present again, February Joy:

February Joy. (c) 2015. Bobby James.
February Joy. (c) 2015. Bobby James.

Yet, I found myself compelled to create a series of art inspired by song lyrics. I combined my simplistic and sure-handed style with meaningful lyrics (or slogans) to create a [still growing] collection about love and emotion. I broke from the series to create Voodoo Monkey – and I’m ending this month with my new piece titled Burning Desire.

Burning Desire is described as follows:

“Sometimes the darkest places will ignite a fire. Burn bright.”  -Me, Feb. 27, 2015

Designed to be a darker entry into my artistic collection, I couldn’t help but add my twist of positivity and hope. Hope drives all of my creativity – and Burning Desire is a reflection of that. This piece has also made me question my ability to create dark and visceral – even ugly – art. Not ugly in the typical use of the word – but in an emotional way, born from feelings of discomfort or difficulty.

Burning Desire features a black horse with a mane of fire and a burning heart. The horse itself is a symbol of power, beauty and strength. Its color represents the unknown – mystery, wildness, night and death. The fire (and its color) is representative of illumination and destruction – symbolic of the old passing and the entrance of something new.

I hope you love this piece as much as I. Here’s Burning Desire:

Sometimes the darkest places ignite a fire. Burn bright! "Burning Desire." Bobby James. (c) 2015.
Sometimes the darkest places ignite a fire. Burn bright! “Burning Desire.” Bobby James. (c) 2015.

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