New Art: Red Blooded Dreams

If you’re familiar with my work, then you know I’ve crafted nude, or erotic, art before – but this is probably the most daring piece I’ve shared publicly.  For Red Blooded Dreams, I took the idea of a “wet dream” (nocturnal emission) and combined it with a stimulant – a curvaceous and nude female figure.  I chose red as an accent color to convey the ideas of lust, sin, and shame.

Sometimes, because they’re “the result of lust,” wet dreams are considered sinful. Are they sinful?  Or are they purely physiological phenomena associated with puberty – simply biological and shameless?  Does the dreamer feel shame or embarrassment while dreaming?  What about when they wake up? I’ll leave these questions for you to answer, but I present:

RED BLOODED DREAMS. (c) 2014.  Bobby James.

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Red Blooded Dreams