New Art: Gerry’s Flamingo

I came into this year with an optimistic outlook – but between funerals, health scares in the family, frigid cold temperatures and snow, and a [so-far] failing fitness/health campaign – it’s been a little tough.

In early January, there was concern that my Aunt Gerry may have had cancer [again], so I channeled my emotions and created “Gerry’s Flamingo” (using a combination of permanent marker, pink-leaded pen, and some digital assistance).

Since Aunt Gerry is already a breast cancer survivor, I wanted to create a symbol of hope.   I designed with color on white, then scanned the photo and inverted the colors to create a vivid dream-like piece.  In the dream world, a flamingo represents a sense of community – and the color pink represents love, joy and affection (this symbolizes how important she is to our family and the qualities she embodies).

Thankfully, all the worry was a false alarm – but I still present Gerry’s Flamingo – for her – and for others:

GERRY’S FLAMINGO (c) 2014. Bobby James

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Gerry's Flamingo