Let’s Trumpet & Roar August 10-12

My birthday is fast approaching (August 12) and in the lead up to it, there are a couple noteworthy dates:

  • AUGUST 10:     World Lion Day, would be my Grandma Sarah’s birthday
  • AUGUST 12:     World Elephant Day, my birthday!

As you may be aware, the previous two years, in lieu of gifts, I’ve requested donations be made to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Save the Elephants and/or Cause an Uproar. 2015 marks the third year for my annual fundraiser, but I’m determined every year to raise more than we did previously.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve raised, so far:

  • 2013: $175.00
  • 2014: $280.00

This year, I’m trying something new. In addition to my request for any gifts to be given as donations, I will be donating 20% (last year was 10%) of my earnings from Sunday, August 9 + an undisclosed base donation on August 10 to Cause an Uproar in memory of my Grandma Sarah and Cecil the Lion, to commemorate World Lion Day.

Then, on August 12, 100% of my earnings will be donated to The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Last year, I fostered an elephant orphan named Rorogoi with a portion of my donation ($50/annual min.). Since then, I’ve renewed my fostering of Rorogoi, so there’s a chance I may foster another orphan (or I may just make an addition donation to little Rorogoi).

That’s not all!

As an artist, I find it puzzling that I’ve never actively sold or displayed my artwork, so I’ve crafted four canvases (as of this writing) that ARE FOR SALE! 100% of the proceeds from my art sales now through August 26 will be donated to elephant conservation!

I’m determined to make 2015 the best fundraising year, yet. If you’re interested in a piece of art featured in this blog post – or under my “Drawings & Sketches” tab, send me a private message at bobby.james.myers@gmail.com. I now present the Ele-Art (click to enlarge to view detail, canvas size, medium and suggested retail price):