Annual [Birthday] Fundraising | DSWT, Cause an Uproar, JGI

Running Donation Total (through 12 Aug 2016): $185.00

Good morning,

Ellie Whiskers during Big Cat Week, 2015.
Ellie Whiskers during Big Cat Week, 2015.

Today is World Lion Day. Friday – my birthday – is World Elephant Day! How appropriate.

As many of you know – or at least, I hope you know by now – I use my birthday to fundraise for The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Cause an Uproar, and the Jane Goodall Institute.  In place of gifts or cards, I ask that donations be made to one of these organizations.

In addition, I allocate earnings from this week to these causes. Here’s the breakdown:

10 August 2016:     50% of my earnings + an unspecified amount will be donated to Cause an Uproar. This is done annually to commemorate my  grandma Sarah’s [would-be] birthday and World Lion Day. Now, we can add the memory of Cecil the Lion to the list. I begin today with a $5 donation on behalf of my kitten, Ellie Whiskers – because “little kitties roar for big cats.”

Did you know:     Initially, I donated 25%. Since 2015, I’ve increased that amount.

Check back later today to see a final donation total for World Lion Day.

On August 10, in memory of my grandmother, Sarah Koelling – and to commemorate World Lion Day, a $50 donation was made. In addition, I donated $5 on behalf of Ellie Whiskers, because “Little kitties roar for big cats.”

Total Donation: $55

Elephants 2016

12 August 2016:     100% of my earnings will be donated to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. A few years back, I began fostering an elephant orphan named Rorogoi. Last year, I added a fostering for a second orphan named Ndotto.

Did you know:     Initially, I donated 50%. Since 2015, I’ve increased that amount.

Check back Friday, August 12 for a final donation total for World Elephant Day.

On August 12, to celebrate my birthday, and to commemorate World Elephant Day, I donated $100. In addition, a donation was made in my honor of $30.

Total Donation: $130

Note: If you plan to make a donation in my honor – or if I’ve motivated you to join me in this conservation effort, please send an e-mail to with your sentiments and donation amount so I may reflect an accurate donation/fundraised total.

Sincerely – I thank you.


P.S. Here’s a direct link to my previous, related efforts. In total, since 2012, a minimum of $760 has been donated/raised (nearly 90% of that has been raised during my birthday week! Let’s break $1,000 this week!) for wildlife conservation!