I’m with Her | A Final Comment

I proudly stand with, and today cast my ballot for, Hillary Clinton.

I have been waiting for this moment for nearly a decade. We are on the brink of something extraordinary. We will write the next chapter in our nation’s rich and storied history together. Hillary will become our 45th President of the United States, and it has been my honor to contribute to, volunteer and advocate for her unprecedented campaign.

I believe in Hillary’s vision for our country and the legacy she’s about to create. What we are about to witness will be remarkable.

Voting for Hillary is very personal for me because I believe that when we change the perception of women in our country, we will change the treatment of women now and in the future. Electing Hillary will have actionable and symbolic results.

I vote for women’s rights – and for the fully realized vision that women are equal to men. I vote for the amazing women in my life – “my champions” – and for the millions of other women that are champions to so many others.

I vote from the perspective of a son who powerlessly witnessed domestic violence on a daily basis – and for the candidate that offers a plan to keep weapons (ex. guns) out of the hands of domestic abusers. Unless you’ve lived through this, you don’t know the terror – or fear of death that, especially to a child, can accompany abuse.

I vote from the perspective of a son who watched his mom balance being a single mother with multiple jobs, because she couldn’t earn a livable wage from a single employer. The time she spent away is time we never get back, and that was frightening to consider the two times my mom [successfully] battled cancer. Hillary will fight for pay equality, once and for all – and then, maybe mothers and their children won’t be separated so often.

I vote from the perspective of a grandson who saw his grandmother just getting by, after devoting decades of her life to teaching children with physical and developmental disabilities.

I vote from the perspective of a nephew who witnessed his aunt combat systemic sexism in a traditionally male-dominated field, where her compassion was often used against her. It’s something Hillary is all-too-familiar with herself (though some of you still remain unwilling to open your eyes and ears).

I vote for LGBT equality – because all people are people first – and all people should be free to live and love as they were authentically created to be. My vote rejects the ideas of conversion therapy, of “religious freedom” amendments and it supports maintaining marriage equality as a law of this land.

I vote for the candidate that believes in science – and is committed to combatting global warming and the illegal wildlife trade, while addressing cancer, Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDS and stem cell research.

I vote from the perspective of a nephew of – and cousin to – people with disabilities. Hillary has a history of fighting to expand the rights of people living with physical or developmental disabilities. I believe it is important to reject a candidate that would so callously, and hatefully, mock anyone with a disability.

I vote for racial justice and criminal justice reform. We’ve seen too often that African-American men are killed for less than their Caucasian counterparts. That reform must also extend to sexism by law enforcement. I believe Hillary can achieve this – or at the very least, make significant progress toward a better, more balanced future. I don’t like that I have friends that are afraid simply because they were born a different color than you or me. People are people first – Hillary knows this – and I believe she’ll work with this in mind.

This is why I’m with Her.

When you vote for, or told me you supported, Donald Trump – this is why I took offense. This is why I was abrasive (or “mean”). A vote for Donald Trump directly stands against everything I stand for. This is, and always was, personal. It’s why I was hyper-active on social media, why I volunteered for phone banking shifts, why I donated to Hillary’s campaign and why I unapologetically tried to convince you not only to vote – but to vote for Hillary.

This is not only my investment in this campaign – it’s my investment in “my champions” – in our future – in America. That’s why today, November 8, 2016 will most assuredly present me, and quite possibly an entire nation, with an emotional moment of joy and hope for the future.


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