It’s World Lion Day!

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UPDATE (8/10):  $20.00 was donated to CAUSE AN UPROAR following my shift at work today!

Today is World Lion Day – and it would have been my Grandma Sarah’s 77th birthday!

In memoriam, and to raise awareness and funds, I’m asking you to join me on my quest to “Cause an Uproar!”  I’m declaring that 25% of my earnings today will be donated to  Cause an Uproar, National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative.  Together our voices can be heard – and our roar can be unruly.  It’s time we started becoming the change we wish to see, “before we talk about big cats the way we talk about dinosaurs” (citation: Cause an Uproar commercial – televised, 2011).

If you join me today – or at any time this coming week – please e-mail me at an tell me you’re standing by my side so that I may respond with a heartfelt thank you.  Please include the amount you’ve donated in the e-mail as well, so I may tally the total amount raised (trying to outdo last year’s $175!).

Here’s an additional listing for Who to Support?

Then, please join me on my birthday, August 12 to raise funds to commemorate World Elephant Day! Visit my Birthday Wish to learn more.

Thank you!