Bobby James: 2013 by the Numbers

What a whirlwind year – time always move so quickly that it never feels like there’s ever enough.  There isn’t, really, is there? Another year is past and I’m looking forward to what comes next – but before I do, I wanted to take a moment to share with you my 2013, by the numbers.

January 1

Received a call to set up an interview with The Olive Garden.  Interviewed and hired on January 2.

May 17

I received my Master of Arts: Communications degree from Lindenwood University.  That final semester was tough and there was a ton of work that needed to be done (thanks Jill!), but I successfully managed with my efforts earning me a cumulative GPA of 4.0!


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! This year I sat in a movie theater 100 times!  Of those 100 times, I saw a total of 93 different movies (some I loved so much I saw more than once – hello Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D – 3 times! – yes, I’m a geek like that! What? It’s my favorite movie.  Shut up.)

In total I tracked:  100 movies, 530 songs, 57 albums, 59 TV shows/special events, and 2 professional wrestling organizations (all so I can do the Bobby James Awards! I’m an entertainment guru!) Wowza! I am le tired!


I created at least 16 new pieces of art this year – including my Animal Mask series and Piph the Elephant which can be viewed here.


190 twitter followers (as of Dec. 31) – including 11 verified accounts following me (including: Trish Stratus, Chuck Wicks, Covert Affairs, and Brad Maddox) and consistent interactions with PIPER PERABO! 4,450+ tweets! Did I mention that I won the #iSpyCA prize package during the season four premiere of Covert Affairs all because of one simple, teeny, tiny, little tweet.  458 facebook friends.  22,500+ views on just this year (an approximate 400% increase over last year!).

August 12

There I was – on my birthday, having a fantastic day! Not only because I received my Covert Affairs prize pack in the mail … or because Lady GaGa released “Applause” one week early, and it just happened to be my birthday!  I was having a great day because I was using my birthday as a fundraiser to raise money for endangered wildlife and organizations that help them! A total of $175.00 was raised and divided between the Wildlife Conservation Network ($50), National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative – Cause an Uproar ($55), and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ($70).  That wasn’t enough?  I had dinner with 8 of my favorite people (Mom, Dad, Josh, Aunt Char, Uncle Dave, Cody, Lachelle, and Roxi!) and WWE announced … wait for it … a second Diva’s Match for SummerSlam! Crazy, I know!


I donated $10 to the Salvation Army for Tornado Relief following the severe weather outbreak in Oklahoma (in May).  Additionally, I signed my name and lent my support to 6 online petitions (against Canned Hunting, to save Olympic Wrestling, against an outdoor gun range 0.2 mi. from my house, against the Thailand Ivory Trade, against the Bristol Bay open pit mine in Alaska, and in support of protections for The Great Barrier Reef).


Well, my best mile time this year was 9:15 (that’s a far cry from my 7:45 last year!) and I’ve successfully stopped, started, stopped, started the program – lost, gained, lost, gained the same 10 pounds throughout the year.  Right now, I’m at the gain. Ugh.  Must…Do…Better! Can…Do…Better! #BestBody2013 was a flop.  A belly flop in fact! You know, I read the other day that only 8% of New Year’s resolutions come true.  In this department, I’m not in the 8%.


I secretly wish death wasn’t a factor in life – but it is.  As such, I bid farewell to 3 people this year: my mentor and friend – Mr. Rift Fournier, to my Great-Uncle Bud, and to my step-mother Mary.  May they all rest in peace and enjoy the bliss of what follows goodbye.

There you have it.  That’s all.  My 2013 in review, by the numbers!  I’d say it was a semi-productive year, but I can do better! Want to know what I’ve got in store for 2014?  Check back January 2 for my New Year’s Resolutions!