An Ice Cream Social: Three Republicans and Me.

I recognize I live in a state where Democrats, especially the present breed of them, are increasingly finding themselves in uncompetitive races. There seems to be an aura of avoidance with “progressives,” as if they’re “above it.” The reality is – the work is on the ground – it’s at the ice cream socials with Republican candidates in rural and semi-rural areas. It’s not in the outraged online forums or in the prevailing cancel culture. The real work is hard and the hard work doesn’t happen without talking to people.

This is for the “Soulless Animals”

I responded angrily to the death of a gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo. I was told the gorilla’s life was worth less because it was a “soulless animal.” This is for the “soulless animals.” Imagine being born to the wild. You are part of a family unit before being captured and “gifted” to the Inokashira…