Coming Soon: Diva Dream Matches


In the coming weeks, I’m going to begin presenting Diva Dream Matches.  It’ll be a list of bouts that never happened and that I think people would pay to see.  Some are contests fans have been clamoring for, others are the result of my own fantasy booking.  Regardless, these bouts would have main-event appeal and would generate interest in the women’s wrestling product.   The criteria for each post will be:

1.  The Bout:  Match type, competitors, championship

2.  Competitors:  Name and career synopsis of each competitor

3.  Platform:  Would this match take place on RAW, Smackdown, or PPV?

4.  Booking:  A play-by-play of how I think the match would/should develop.

5.  Winner:  Here is your winner…

6.   Likelihood:  Is the contest likely to ever happen?

7.  Missed Opportunity:  Was it possible for WWE to book this match?  When?