WWE Payback (review)

Quick Results:

1.  Sheamus def. Damien Sandow (pre-show match)

2. Triple Threat – Intercontinental Championship:  Curtis Axel def. Wade Barrett and The Miz to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion (pinfall)

3.  Diva’s Championship:  AJ Lee def. Kaitlyn to become the NEW Diva’s Champion (submission)

4. United States Championship:  Dean Ambrose def. Kane to retain (count-out)

5. World Heavyweight Championship:  Alberto Del Rio def. Dolph Ziggler to become the NEW World Champion (pinfall)

6. CM Punk def. Chris Jericho (pinfall)

7. Tag Team Championships:  The Shield def. Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan to retain (pinfall)

8. WWE Championship:  John Cena def. Ryback to retain (Ryback sent away in ambulance)

PROMO:  Mark Henry returns on RAW

PROMO:  The Wyatt Family

PROMO:  Rob Van Dam to return to WWE at Money in the Bank next month!

Overall Show Rating: 4.5/5

There were some really great moments on the show.  The Diva’s Championship match was one of the best Diva’s matches I’ve seen in a while – great work by Kaitlyn and AJ Lee!  Alberto Del Rio was highly aggressive during the World Championship match.  Lots of near falls and hard-hitting action.  Heel turn by Del Rio … worked because by the end of this match, I wanted to punch him! Poor Ziggler.  CM Punk made a triumphant return – the crowd was CRAZY for him!!! Great match by Punk-Jericho.

Match of the Night:  Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee or CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho or Del Rio vs. Ziggler (three-way tie)


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