Radio Bobby: Top 5 New Music Releases (7/22)

Last week iTunes had a bunch of really great releases, this week – the pickin’s were a little more slim (even with the underwhelming Selena Gomez album).  Nevertheless, there’s still some really awesome new music this week.  Here is my top 5:

1.  “Sinners” by Lauren Aquilina – (singer/songwriter) Aquilina delivers a beautiful, personal track with simplistic and gorgeous vocals and a piano backdrop.  Listen – powerful.

2. “Drop It” by Trevor Jackson – (r&b/soul/pop) Trevor Jackson sings, “what you gonna do?” Dance.

3. “Introduced Species” by Hands Like Houses – (alt. rock)

4. “Beautiful” by Ben Rector – (singer/songwriter) – a fun, relaxing and uplifting song – did I mention it’s the free single of the week?

5.  “Love More” by Chris Brown f. Nicki Minaj – (r&b/soul/pop/rap)