Radio Bobby: Top 5 New Music Releases (12/9)

Forgive me for the consistent time lapses between Radio Bobby posts! Some weeks, I’m not finding five new releases that I like enough, or care enough about, to create a Radio Bobby list – and other weeks, I find myself too lost in Lady GaGa or Christmas music to care.  Invalid excuses, I know.  So here are your Top 5 new music releases for the week of December 9, 2013:

Lea Michele1. “Cannonball” by Lea Michele – (pop) FINALLY! Lea Michele is releasing a solo pop album! It’s been a long time coming and her lead single, “Cannonball” showcases her voice and all of its emotive qualities.  I’ll be surprised if Lea Michele’s album doesn’t perform – honestly, she’s one of the best voices in the business today.  This single has anthemic, uplifting qualities – which should resonate with a wide audience.

2. “Take Me Home (Wildboyz Club Mix)” by Midnight Red – (pop) boy bands are all the rage in pop music today, more than ever (think One Direction, The Wanted, etc.).  Sometimes, the harmonies and beats are enough to transcend boundaries and click with both men and women (not just crazy, emotional teenage girls).  The original version of this song?  Ho hum.  Turn it into a club mix – and it’s a fun dance party! 

3. “Later On” by The Swon Brothers – (country) an uptempo track from former contestants on The Voice, The Swon Brothers – with this song and their efforts on television – have, at the very least, secured themselves a spot on the country music scene for the foreseeable future.

4.  “Fall In Love” by Phantogram – (alternative) solid vocals and ambient background sound makes it alright with me.

5. “Carolina” by Parmalee – (country) Carolina must be a country haven because in the last two weeks, there have been two songs about Carolina (this one and Scotty McCreery’s “Carolina Moon”) – and that’s just the tip of Carolina’s iceberg.  Regardless, saying home doesn’t seem so far away because she feels like Carolina (but looks like California) sounds nice, doesn’t it?  Country crooners.


I went to YouTube to find our “Music Video of the Week” and the first two suggestions were (1) “Perfume” by Britney Spears and (2) “Cookie” by R. Kelly.  I gave ’em both a go – sadly, I don’t think either of them represent women positively.  So I’ll include them this week to show you what I’m not looking for.  Pay no mind to if the songs are catchy or not – just watch, then think:  Is this portrayal still okay?

First up:  “Perfume” by Britney Spears

Next:  “Cookie” by R. Kelly