Bobby James Presents: The Story of Piph

Merry Christmas everyone!

I now present to you all The Story of Piph.

Piph is my third annual Christmas character (2011: Hubble the Penguin, 2012: Candy Cane the Giraffe) complete with his own, unique Christmas story and original, hand-drawn art.  I hope you all come to love and enjoy Piph as much as I have throughout this Christmas season, he’s brought so much joy already – now, I share him with the world!  Hopefully you’ll be seeing more of him in the future.




Note: Please share Piph and his story with your friends and family, but remember: The Story of Piph, Piph the Elephant, and all associated artwork and likeness are intellectual properties of Bobby James. If you would like to inquire about buying prints of Piph, please contact for pricing and availability.