Greenpeace USA’s anti-Shell effort (in pictures)

On July 8, conservation group Greenpeace USA released a video titled Everything is NOT Awesome.

Partnered with a creative agency Don’t Panic, Greenpeace used a slowed, melodic version of “Everything is Awesome” to score a host of artistically beautiful, yet harrowing images.  Together, they created a world overrun by corporate greed while promoting a strong conservation effort.  The video shows oil company Shell drilling in the arctic, which results in an oil spill that consumes everything in its path – from indigenous wildlife to the imaginations of children – and even our beloved Santa Claus and two LEGO Movie heroes Emmett and Wyldstyle.

Upon first seeing the video I was moved beyond words – such power in under two minutes.  That is amazing.  Then, I read that a previous version of the video had been flagged and removed by YouTube.  In an effort to make sure the powerful images survive, I’ve compiled a collection of twenty one screen caps.  They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are there before you now?

Add your name to the petition to have LEGO end their partnership with Shell: Lend Your Voice – Add Your Name to the Petition

Everything is NOT Awesome 

(screen caps)