New Art in Neon Layers, Pt. 2

Continuing my bright and bold color trend, I present two new pieces of art!

The first, inspired by “California Dreamin'” as performed by Sia for the upcoming blockbuster San Andreas (2015), is an externalization of internal conflict. I wanted there to be a blending of dark and stormy elements mixed with peaceful imagery and bright, neon light and life. This represents struggle and optimism tempered by fear. I hope you feel this as it was designed:

California Dreamin’

California Dreamin' by Bobby James, (c) 2015. Inspired by "California Dreamin'" by Sia for San Andreas (2015).
California Dreamin’ by Bobby James, (c) 2015. Inspired by “California Dreamin'” by Sia for San Andreas (2015).

The second piece was actually inspired by California Dreamin’ and represents bright simplicity and many wishes. I love this piece and am very proud to present:


Wish by Bobby James, (c) 2015.
Wish by Bobby James, (c) 2015.