Impact Wrestling | 2015 Nominees, EC3 leads with 7 nods

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Here are by Bobby James Award nominees for best of Impact Wrestling 2015. Who will be the big winners, matches or moments? Who did you select as your favorite Impact Wrestling Star in 2015? Find out next Wednesday, December 23! The nominees are…

X-Division Star of the Year

  • Manik
  • Tigre Uno
  • DJ Z
  • Rockstar Spud
  • Low Ki

Tag Team of the Year

  • The Wolves
  • The Hardys
  • Dirty Heels
  • Team Global Force Wrestling
  • Dollhouse

Rookie of the Year

  • Eli Drake
  • Drew Galloway
  • Dollhouse
  • Lee & Myers
  • Mandrews

Most Improved Wrestler of the Year*

  • Taryn Terrell
  • Ethan Carter III
  • Rockstar Spud
  • Jessie Godderz
  • Mandrews

Fan-Favorite Star of the Year (fan-voted)*

  • Gail Kim
  • Grado
  • Rockstar Spud
  • Mandrews
  • Drew Galloway

Match of the Year

  • The Hardys vs. The Revolution (Lethal Lockdown, Feb. 6)
  • Tag Team Championship Iron Man: Dirty Heels vs. The Wolves (Impact, Jul. 1)
  • Full Metal Mayhem | TNA World Championship: EC3 vs. Matt Hardy (No Surrender, Aug. 4)
  • World Title Series: EC3 vs. Austin Aries w/ Thea Trinidad (IMPACT, Oct. 7)
  • World Title Series, Sudden Death: Tigre Uno vs. DJ Z vs. Manik (Impact, Nov. 25)

Feud of the Year

  • TNA vs. Global Force Wrestling
  • Ethan Carter III vs. Matt Hardy
  • Taryn Terrell vs. Knockouts’ Division
  • James Storm vs. Mickie James & Magnus
  • Gail Kim vs. Awesome Kong

Moment of the Year

  • The Revolution attacks! (Feb. 6, 2015)
  • Kong through a table! (Apr. 24, 2015)
  • The Undefeated Champion – EC3 undefeated 600+ days (Jul. 1, 2015)
  • Jeff Jarrett returns with GFW! (Jun. 25, 2015)
  • World Title Series (Oct. 7, 2015)

The Queen Dixie (Mic Award)

  • Altar of Perfection | “Jeff Jarrett – send me your very, very best and I shall sacrifice them on my altar of perfection!” – EC3, Impact (Aug. 19)
  • Go Home | “[To Jeff Jarrett] You just take your ball and go home – just like what you did to TNA!” – Dixie Carter, Impact (Sept. 2)
  • Oh, Mickie! | “You know what that meant to me [being Mickie’s protégé]? And then, Mickie James became Mickie James and suddenly our friendship didn’t even matter anymore.” -Serena, Impact (Jul. 22)
  • You Don’t Belong | “[To Dixie Carter] You’re going to be where you always should have been – on the outside of the wrestling business looking in.” -Jeff Jarrett, Impact (Sept. 16)
  • Crazy Talk | “This one’s going on the mantle!” -Eric Young (after stealing Chris Melendez’s prosthetic leg), Impact (Aug. 26)

Knockout of the Year

  • Awesome Kong
  • Taryn Terrell
  • Brooke
  • Gail Kim
  • Madison Rayne

Wrestler of the Year

  • Matt Hardy
  • Ethan Carter III
  • Drew Galloway
  • Rockstar Spud
  • Bobby Roode