London 2012 – Day 1: Surprise!

 How amazing was it to see swimmer Ryan Lochte, of Team USA, bring home a Gold medal in the 400 meter individual medley?  Pretty amazing, considering that his victory unseated reigning Olympic champion Michael Phelps, who finished fourth in the race.  Wow.  Then consider that Lochte’s win gives the United States its first Gold medal in London.  Even more wow.

Speaking of swimming – an equally impressive and historic feat was watching Sun Yang take the first ever Gold medal for a swimming event for China.  It was a true feel-good moment seeing yet another Olympian upset the defending champ!  In other good news for China, Ye Shiwen won Gold and set a new world record in a nail-biting women’s 400 meter individual medley! Then, those Aussie girls, who weren’t even expected to place any higher than third at best in the 4 x 100 relay WON.  Though, should there ever have been any doubt about their ability?  They live on an enormous island…

In between all the swimming hubbub and excitment were the gymnastic programs of Team USA, as the men tried to qualify for the final.  Guess what?  They did it! All in part to the great efforts put forth by Sam Mikulak, Jonathan Horton, Danell Leyva, John Orozco (who had one of the most touching stories I’ve seen thus far!) and Jake Dalton (who did a Romanian maneuver that I held my breath for – wowza!).  What a day – Team USA managed to scoop up five medals along the way! Congratulations Team USA – cue the national anthem!

Looking foward to more Olympic competitions and seeing Alexandre Despatie (of Canada) dive on August 1!