Will the Phoenix rise again?

Tonight, “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix wrapped up her career with WWE.  In her last match against AJ Lee, Phoenix initially lost via roll-up, but acting RAW supervisor Vickie Guerrero restarted the match, allowing Phoenix to pick up the win with the Glam Slam.  The bittersweet victory comes on the heels of speculation that Beth Phoenix would be finishing with WWE at the end of October.  It appears we witnessed the finale “The Fabulous Firebird” (unless it’s part of a storyline).

For months, rumors had circulated the internet that Beth Phoenix was frustrated with the lack of emphasis on the Women’s Division and with her position in the company – and rightfully so, seeing how one of WWE’s most dominant in-ring women was jobbed out to “Extra’s” Maria Menounos at this year’s WrestleMania event.  During her time in WWE, Phoenix became a decorated competitor capturing the Women’s Championship on three occassions, winning the Diva’s Championship once, winning a Slammy Award for Diva of the Year, and being recognized as the second woman in history to compete in the WWE Royal Rumble.  Unfortunately, “The Glamazon” leaves WWE without a defining WrestleMania moment and failed opportunities, most notably against Natalya Neidhart and Kia Stevens (who was briefly known as Kharma in WWE, more recognized as Awesome Kong in TNA).  She was, however, a trailblazer who competed in the first women’s “I Quit Match” (against Melina), “Tables Match” (with Natalya against LayCool), “Extreme Makeover Match” (against Michelle McCool) and in a Women’s Championship “2-on-1 Handicap Match” (against LayCool).

For the past seven years, Beth Phoenix has been a joy to watch and was an amazing specimen to bear witness to.  One can only hope she’ll continue her wrestling career – but some speculation is that she’s leaving the ring to enjoy her life and to start a family.  Whatever “The Glamazon” chooses to do, I wish her the best and thank her for all the years of hard work and amazing moments.  There will always only ever be one real “Glamazon.”

Maybe this is all storyline and she’ll come right back to WWE, or maybe she’ll surface in IMPACT Wrestling, as some rumors have stated – and maybe the dream matches we’ve all been waiting to see will finally come to life (Beth Phoenix vs. Kia Stevens or Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya) … or maybe they won’t.  Whatever happens, I’d like to think that like a Phoenix “The Glamazon” will rise again someday…

Until then, thank you Beth, you will always be one of my favorites,