ENTERTAINMENT news: Guardians, Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, and More

DreamWorks Animation’s latest feature Rise of the Guardians hits theaters Thanksgiving weekend, but I was fortunate enough to snag a couple screening passes, and saw it last night.  I had a feeling going into this that I’d love it, if for nothing more than the pure magic it sought to capture – the magic of childhood memories (that and the Sandman makes giant dinosaurs walk through the streets).  Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised to learn the screening was in 3D – and a fairly impressive 3D at that (snowflakes anyone?).  I loved this story, its concept and its message – really everything about this movie.  Grade: A

So after seeing Rise of the Guardians, you’d think I’d go home right? Wrong.  Then it was off to Ronnie’s to see The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2.  Granted, the Twilight movies haven’t garnered the best reputation and seem to be mocked as equally as they are praised, but I found this installment (the finale) to be the best one yet.  I’ve always been a huge Pattinson fan – especially in this franchise (I think he’s the best of the brood [ahem, pun] – though my personal favorite role of his is as Jacob [how ironic] in last year’s Water for Elephants).  Despite some of the special effects and dialogue (and parts of the story) being hokey, I was really glad to see Bella (Kristen Stewart, too) become a 21st Century bad-ass woman – finally!  Truth be told, I’d resented Stewart’s work for years, primarily because of how helpless she is in the Twilight franchise – so, imagine how pleasing it was to see this change of pace – she was like a whole new woman on that screen.  Grade:  B

And in other ENTERTAINMENT news:

– It was announced yesterday American Horror Story has been renewed for another 13-episode season.  The current season American Horror Story: Asylum will conclude its run in mid January.  It’s safe to assume that the third season wouldn’t premier until Fall 2013.

– There is talk of setting Transformers 4 in China with the hope that it would bring in additional box office revenue.  Michael Bay and Paramount hope the added appeal will bring in massive audiences in the 1.3 billion people country.  Here’s the catch though, the Chinese cultural censors are going to have input on the depiction of the Chinese military – so it will come off favorably in the film.

That’s a wrap for now!


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