My Birthday Wish

Pink Elephant by Bobby-jamesDear Family & Friends,

This year, you may or may not have noticed how vocal I’ve become regarding wildlife crime.  In particular, I’ve vehemently opposed and condemned crimes related to the slaughter of some of Africa’s most iconic species – elephants, rhinos and lions.  You all know the passion I have for these creatures – they are among some of my favorites ever (I love elephants! … and giraffes… and flamingos!) – and I cannot sit idly by while their populations decline and they face an increased threat of extinction during our lifetimes.

That’s why, for my birthday, instead of buying me a gift or a $1-4 greeting card, I ask that you make a donation to one of the following three organizations.  I created this PINK ELEPHANT to inspire you to help me help them.  I hope you love this little painting as much as I do – and I hope it inspires you to help me fight wildlife crime.  If you will, please click the picture – save it – and make it your profile picture for my birthday (yes, today, August 12) and let me know you’re standing with me. #ThinkPink

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust: 

This organization aids victims of poaching.  The orphaned animals (elephants primarily) are rescued, rehabilitated/raised/taught, and then reintroduced to the wild. I learned of this organization in the 2011 documentary Born to Be Wild, and should the chance ever arise, I would love nothing more than to work with this organization!

To donate Click Here – Sheldrick Wildlife Trust – you’ll need my e-mail so I may receive your message:

Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN) 

The great thing about the Wildlife Conservation Network is that you may designate the amount of money you donate to be allocated to whichever species you choose.  100% of your donation is designated to the cause of your choice – that’s amazing! 

To donate Click Here – Wildlife Conservation Network – if you need additional information from me; send me a direct message.

Cause an Uproar

I love my big cats! Astrologically-speaking, I am a Leo, but wait, there’s more, I was born in the year… wait, nevermind.  Just know that I am a Tiger in Chinese zodiac – so the cats and I – we kind of have a thing going.  I was instantly hooked by their creative advertising strategy and catchphrase “Cause an Uproar…before we talk about big cats the way we talk about dinosaurs.”

Cause an Uproar is National Geographic‘s Big Cats Initiative – and it’s one I’ve supported since early 2011.  I love this cause as well!

To Cause an Uproar with me Click Here – Cause an Uproar

Thank you,