Radio Bobby: Top 5 ARTPOP songs

Radio Bobby goes GaGa!


I know I’m posting late this week (and in fact, I haven’t posted in a LONG TIME) so I figured I’d dedicate this edition or Radio Bobby to ARTPOP! Let me start by saying that I’ve had a mixed reaction to Mother Monster’s most recent effort.  Previously, I’ve found myself rushing to the store to scoop up physical copies – and so far, I still haven’t bought the album – I don’t care how much foil is on the cover art.

Why?  It’s quite simple really – because of that horrendous song “Jewels N’ Drugs” (yes, I hate this song that much). Besides that, with the exception of the five songs featured here – I could take or leave the rest of the album – it’s pretty ho-hum – BUT, that’s not to say there aren’t songs that I’m really loving – so here they are – counted down from 5 to 1 (I’ve selected a videos to go with each of the songs).

5.  Venus – I love space and ancient Greek god/goddess references.  I also think it’s one of Lady GaGa’s better vocals on the album – that growl – it’s sexy, right?  Besides, when her voice touches me “I die just a little inside.”

4.  Do What U Want  – It’s daring and sultry vocal and R. Kelly’s appearance on the song only makes it that much better. I know I’m in the minority that loves R. Kelly’s feature, but I honestly think it only serves to enhance the song that would possibly be just another pop-dance track from GaGa. …and hey, it’s trendy – a little 50 Shades anyone?

3.  Sexxx Dreams – “Sexxx Dreams” is a dirty, nasty, trashy – slutty little song.  That’s all it takes for me to love it.

2. Applause – If there’s one thing Lady GaGa knows how to do, it’s create a hook.  “Applause” is a solid lead single from her album and an overall catchy tune.  I guarantee you’ve sang (out-loud, in the car, with the windows down, at a stoplight) to it and acted a little crazy in the process, yes? Not to mention, the awesomely artistic music video to accompany it? Come on.  This one’s a given!

1.  ARTPOP – Ever since I saw/heard GaGa perform this at the iTunes Music Festival, I’ve been in love with this song and have been begging for it to be a single. I believe “Artpop” is one of the most iconic GaGa songs ever recorded. It has a contemporary edge tinted with a little retro feel that triggers thoughts about the 60s and 70s and Cher (I’m thinking a combo of “Half-Breed” and “Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves”).  I love the harrowing background vocals that come in about mid-way through the song and I love the overall feel that “Artpop” gives me.  Well done, GaGa, well done.  I’d rank this up there with my favorites (“Alejandro” and “Bad Romance”).

Is this edition of Radio Bobby an ARTPOP hit or miss?  Let me hear you!!!