Radio Bobby: Top 5 New Music Releases (10/21)

Here is you latest installment of RadioBobby for the week of October 21, 2013.  Links to this week’s selections are included for iTunes.

Cody Karey1.  (The Whole Album) by Cody Karey – (vocal/pop) Wow – that’s all I’ve got.  I saw the album artwork from artist Cody Karey and took him for just another auto-tuned pop voice meant to appeal to tween girls.  Nevertheless, I clicked the album to give him a shot – and WOW.  I was blown away.  His vocals rival those of Josh Groban and the message on his album is uplifting and inspiring.

There must be something in the Canadian water because that country produces some amazing pure vocalists! …and even though it’s a debut album, I feel his name already ranks among greats like Celine Dion and The [Canadian] Tenors.

Favorite songs? “You Are the Song,” “A Million Pieces,” “Unbroken Dreams,” “All I Know,” “If Ever I Fall,” and “Leap of Faith.” – I’m not kidding, the WHOLE album is spectacular!

Let me see how else I can say this: WOW!!! 

1.  “Do What You Want” by Lady GaGa f. R. Kelly – (pop)  This week, Lady GaGa released her second single from her upcoming album ARTPOP.  “Do What U Want” features a bangin intro. and  surprisingly sexy vocal from R. Kelly set in GaGa’s catchy tune. She could just bring him back to life in the pop world! The single has the same risque pop appeal that dominated her first, dance beat-driven album THE FAME and the same vocal riffs featured on 2011’s BORN THIS WAY album.  Mother Monster is blending her sounds and evolving as an artists – and it sounds great.  Look’s like the queen of pop is back and I’m letting her (and this song) do what she wants with my body!

2. “The Conductor” by AFI – (alternative) AFI has grown and developed a unique, adult alternative sound to accompany their dark tonality.

3. “Love Don’t Die” by The Fray – (pop) It’s catchy pop with a jagged edge.  I suspect this could end up being involved with a television ad campaign for Target, Apple, or Windows – then be sought out by people – and then succeed on the radio.  Maybe? Why not.

4. “Walking In A Winter Wonderland” by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy – (holiday) The Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, his background vocalists, and trumpet solos give this Christmas classic a jazzy new take.  I like it!

5. “Who Are You” by Fifth Harmony – (pop) Not that pop really needed another auto-tuned female pop-group, but while they’re here why not give them a chance.  Their new EP “Better Together” dropped this week.  While most of it sounds dance-heavy and added in post, this song stands out as a nice vocal that reminds me of “I Hate This Part” by PCD.  Give it a go.