Radio Bobby: Top 5 New Music Releases (1/20)

1.  “Us Again” by Chuck Wicks – (country) a successful follow-up, or continuation rather, to his 2013 EP Rough, Chuck Wicks delivers another stellar country song about reminiscence and rekindling old love.  His vocals soar as he continues to be one of country music’s dark horses and best, most underrated stars.

2.  “Diamond and Silver” by Barcelona – (alternative) I think I caught a bug with Barcelona.  Their alternative-meets-pop style and catchy hooks and vocals are enough to drive you crazy – in a very good way. See #3 and 4.

3.  “Background” by Barcelona – (alternative)

4.  “Paper Lion” by Barcelona – (alternative)

5.  “Stand Down” by Little Mix – (pop) Little Mix, a newer pop group.  Feels like bubblegum mixed with a little bit of auto-tune, but it’s catchy, sassy and fun.



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