Diva Dream Matches: AJ Lee vs. Kharma

The Competitors:

AJ LEE:  Diva’s Champion (current, longest reigning), former RAW General Manager

KHARMA:  2012 Royal Rumble entrant (third woman ever)


Diva’s Champion AJ Lee and Kharma have had similar, yet vastly different paths to the WWE.  Lee was an indy worker prior to being signed to a developmental contract with WWE and competing on the all Diva’s season of NXT.  Since then, Lee has proven her star-power by moving from the main-event scene outside the women’s division, to re-establishing the women’s divison and restoring prestige to the women’s title.

Kharma on the other hand is a well-documented, world class wrestler.  From her training in Japan and days on the indy circuit to her noteworthy run with TNA Wrestling (as Awesome Kong) and debut in WWE, Kharma has really climbed the mountain of success.  Yet, despite having debuted with WWE, Kharma has yet to conquer the place of the immortals.  An untimely pregnancy and subsequent complications meant her WWE career ended after whirlwind month (in 2011) and a 2012 Royal Rumble entry.

Bleacher Report recently posted a scenario for Kharma’s WWE return.  Inside the article, they mention that Kharma has unfinished business in WWE – namely with The Bella Twins.  But before that feud could resume (presumably), Kharma would need to go through the WWE’s reigning queen, AJ Lee – which would be a perfect program for the upcoming WrestleMania 30!

As Bleacher Report notes, the Diva’s Championship has never been defended at WrestleMania (since it’s creation in 2008!).  Lee has certainly earned the right to be on the card defending her title – and she’s certainly earned the right to defend it against a competitor beyond Total Divas (sorry Nattie!).

AJ vs. Kharma would play out one of two ways, as a David and Goliath contest – or as a squash match (the latter of which would/could destroy everything AJ’s worked for).  Could you imagine AJ applying the Black Widow to Kharma?  How about Kharma sealing AJ’s fate with her signature Implant Buster?

What exactly would this match look like?  I’m not sure, I think AJ (with Tamina Snuka by her side) could stand a chance against a foe like Kharma – but I think the sheer power of Kharma alone would be too great – and I have a feeling AJ wouldn’t be skipping anywhere in the immediate future.

Predicted Winner:  Kharma

Likelihood:  Strong Possibility

Missed Opportunity?:  No, not at all.  In fact, the opportunity is now – this year!  AJ appears to be unstoppable – it’d take someone like Kharma to derail AJ’s little crazy train of terror.  Besides that, the reintroduction of Kharma would only elevate the division further.  There would be fresh possibilities and dynamics.  Kharma’s karma being served to The Bellas…or the possibility of Kharma vs. Natalya…or maybe even the luring of the “Glamazon” Beth Phoenix from retirement…or the main-roster debut of Sara Del Ray.  Anything is possible – but it would require AJ Lee vs. Kharma to be the launchpad – the point of no return.