New Art: In the Garden

I spent the last couple days working on a new piece titled In the Garden.  After receiving some feedback that people would like to see my work feature more women, I decided to deliver.  In the Garden is a piece I hope translates to represent serenity and beauty.  After sketching the image, I took a break to decide the color scheme, which was ultimately determined by what came next – the flowers.  I decided the flowers could serve dual purpose, to remove the totality of nudity and to add to the peaceful nature and beauty of the image.  What’s best is that I allowed the color selection for the flowers be an organic, but complimentary decision – and they subsequently dictated the rest of the image.

I love the finished product.  I hope you do too.  I present:

In the Garden

(c) 2014, Bobby James.

In the Garden, (c) 2014. Bobby James.