New Art in neon layers

It’s no secret that for the past year, I’ve been creating layered art pieces. I’ve wanted to play with textures and bright colors. In February of this year, I started thinking of art – and my life, really – in terms of bold color and choices. With this post, I present three bright and boldly colorful layered art pieces (click the images to enlarge).

This is Mother’s Flower:

Mother's Flower by Bobby James, (c) 2015.
Mother’s Flower by Bobby James, (c) 2015.

I created Mother’s Flower alongside my six-year-old Godchild Cody. Cody wanted to make a Mother’s Day card – and I had quite the idea. Showing him the way, he an I spent about thirty minutes free-hand cutting stems, leaves, petals, etc. Then, we put ’em together – and this is what we got. No ippity-boppity-boo necessary.

Inspired by Mother’s Flower and The Little Prince, I created The Prince. A slightly abstract piece, I wanted The Prince to be a bold and complimentary piece. Actually who am I kidding – you see the circle on the right pectoral? That circle was a left-over piece of paper from the Mother’s Flower. I designed The Prince entirely from that. Isn’t it amazing where the inspiration comes from? The result: I love it (especially the layering and color juxtaposition).

Here’s The Prince:

The Prince by Bobby James, (c) 2015.
The Prince by Bobby James, (c) 2015.

Finally, I rounded out the trio with an elephant. Neon Jungle, like Mother’s Flower, was a freehand cut job that was pasted together to deliver the latest addition into my multi-year spanning series of elephant art. I love elephants – and the moment I have an idea to create and share an elephant piece, is a moment when art happens.  I hope you like it!

View “The Little Prince” IMDb page; view the trailer

Welcome to the Neon Jungle (hey, that could be a series title!):

Neon Jungle by Bobby James, (c) 2015.
Neon Jungle by Bobby James, (c) 2015.

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