Radio Bobby: Top 5 New Music Releases (7/15)

iTunes has a TON of new and stellar music available this week!  Summer has definitely arrived.  For that reason, this “Top 5” is really jam packed! Hope you enjoy and start a playlist!

1. “Poison” by Sick Puppies – (rock) “I like it, I love it.” Sick Puppies’ new album Connect was released this week.  Of all the songs, I loved “Poison” the most, thought I’m also enjoying “No Mercy,” “There’s No Going Back,” and “Better Waste of Time.”  To be honest, it’s just a great rock album! Go, enjoy it… after you’ve explored the rest of this list, of course!

2. “Samson” by V.V. Brown – (dance) Talk about an experience.  V.V. Brown’s “Samson” is alluring with it’s tribal, almost animalistic beat and deep, dark sexy vocals.

3. “WooHoo” by Eli “Paperboy” Reed – (pop) A great pop song! Reed’s song sounds like the lovechild of Bruno Mars and Cee Lo Green! “I ain’t, I ain’t got no dough….I go WooHoo!”

4. “Miss Jackson” by Panic! At the Disco f. Lolo – (alternative) = this week’s featured music video (see below)

5. “Wildfire” by John Mayer – (rock)

5. “Inland” by Jars of Clay – (singer/songwriter)

See what I’m talking about people! This was a GREAT week for music.  I’m going to be dancing all summer long!