Best Body 2013: Check-In

mile time 7-16Hello y’all,

Just thought I’d revisit those goals I set on July 1 (though, I know, I’m a day late!).

Goal #1:  Run a mile in 9 minutes

Goal #2:  Lose 6-8 pounds

It’s been a challenge to stay focused the last couple weeks, I’m not going to lie – and the [mixed] results show it.  The other day I read something about physical fitness being more mental than it is physical – today, I realized just that.  Here are the results:

Result #1:  Ran 1 mile in 8:38!  Goal BLASTED!

Result #2:  Weight In:  223.6 (starting weight:  227.2) = total weight loss of: 3.6 pounds.

I ran that mile today in well under 9 minutes only because I was focused – and jammin’ out to “WooHoo” by Eli “Paperboy” Reed.  Consider that goal handled.  However, the on-again, off-again exercise routine is reflected in the weight-loss.  While it’s still a loss (which makes me happy), I’m disappointed that I couldn’t even meet the minimum goal.  That said, it’s time to get it back.  Next check-in?  August 1.

Here are the goals:

Goal #1:  Incorporate Yoga into my daily life.  That means YOGA everyday! 

Goal #2:  Re-introduce weight training into my exercise routine.

Goal #3:  Run 1 mile in 8:20.

Goal #4:  Weight Loss of 5-8 pounds.

Four Goals.  Two weeks.  See you then!