Diva Dream Matches: Victoria vs. AJ Lee

Victoria (left) vs. AJ Lee (right)
Victoria (left) vs. AJ Lee (right)

The Competitors:  

VICTORIA:  2-time WWE Women’s Champion, competed in the first women’s cage match (against Lita)

AJ LEE:  Current Diva’s Champion, former RAW General Manager


WWE’s Women’s Division is no stranger to psychotic females.  In the past decade, some of the most interesting feuds or competitors have, at one point or another, been complete psychopaths!

One of the most notable was Lisa Marie Varon under the ring name Victoria (and later Tara in TNA Wrestling).  Victoria’s hardcore feud with Trish Stratus helped revolutionize women’s roles in contemporary professional wrestling.  She was memorable for her hard-hitting in-ring style, her willingness to hit and be hit by foreign objects, and for her obsessive, maniacal shaking (which complimented her t.A.T.u. theme song, “All The Things She Said.”)  Not to mention, she was part of some of the most grueling and intense women’s matches, and a frequent competitor in stipulation bouts (hardcore, Chicago Street Fight, cage match, etc.).

Flash forward about a decade and the current Diva’s Champion is AJ Lee.  She’s a loose cannon and goes completely berserk when people call her “crazy.”  Her craziness though, is fairly recent to the women’s division, as she’s spent most of her time in the main event scene feuding with the likes of Daniel Bryan, Kane, John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, and Vickie Guerrero.  AJ Lee has become the torch-bearer WWE’s women’s division and recently, she dethroned and disposed of her adversary (Kaitlyn) and appears poised to run amok against ex-beau “Ziggy” (Dolph Ziggler).

Victoria was a powerful and unpredictable performer.  AJ Lee by contrast, isn’t powerful or steallar in the ring, but she is improving and she would definitely have the mental edge.  This feud would have to simmer and continuously be a game of cat-and-mouse with each woman gaining the mental or physical advantage over the other one on a consistent basis.  Victoria’s power could put the hurt on AJ Lee, but AJ’s mind-games could be the downfall of Victoria.

Victoria had a short-lived “checklist” gimmick.  I’d love to see that followed through, except with a list composed of all the physical torture Victoria would want to put AJ through.  How well would AJ’s mind-games stand up next to Victoria’s physical and raw power and aggression?  Then again, could AJ’s mind stand up to the torture of Victoria?

It could be dubbed The Widow’s Battle and we could see how The Widow’s Peak fares against The Black Widow.

Winner:  VICTORIA (initially); AJ LEE (long-term)

Likelihood:  Unlikely but Possible

Missed Opportunity:  Victoria and AJ Lee were never in the WWE together – so there never was a chance for the writers to miss an opportunity (though, I wouldn’t put it past them to miss it if both women had worked together).  That said, Varon was recently released from IMPACT Wrestling, so there is a [slim] possibility that we could see the match one day (it’s WWE – never say never).

Perhaps the present will be the missed opportunity.  Why couldn’t Victoria return on a part-time deal (like Jericho, Lesnar, RVD, etc.) to work a full program against AJ Lee before transitioning into a trainer role in NXT?  Victoria holding the Diva’s Championship would give the title more prestige and legitimacy (afterall, the damn thing is a bedazzled purple and silver butterfly), having her drop it back to AJ after a program would be a huge rub!

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