David Wolk and the Myth of the CHARM APE

CHAMP APE: PromotionalOn Saturday, July 20, local artist David Wolk will present CHARM APE: Exhibition, Myth, and Performance.  Guests will be initiated into the CHARM APE journey by locating the Giver of Charms at the corner of Iowa and Cherokee Streets in St. Louis.

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Wolk said, “I’m not sure who I am. I’ve been on this art adventure with Cranky Yellow for quite a few years and this work is another representation of that journey.”

Wolk’s journey with Cranky Yellow began in 2005 with the concept’s development and foundation of a website that acted as an online publisher of art, music, literature, and t-shirts.  In 2007, Cranky Yellow became a storefront gallery in the Antique Row on Cherokee Street.  Here, Wolk and the Cranky Yellow team began curating international exhibits and published the first Cranky Yellow book.  Business was good, and by 2009, Cranky Yellow had relocated to a larger space on Cherokee.

By 2010, the new gallery had become a venue known for hosting and presenting nightly entertainment (musical performances).  In August 2011 the gallery closed and Wolk’s journey shifted to an exclusively online experience that invites visitors to get involved, as essay contributors/writers or as contributing artists. Now, he presents CHARM APE, a “one night only” experience that blends visual (paintings, sculptures, etc.) and performance art.

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Psychosis“The event is totally immersive. I started developing it a few years ago with some writing and it has grown into something fun and different. The CHARM APE show has lots of internal dark secrets and joyous, light revelations. The [CHARM APE] exhibit is personal and the performance art rituals will delight and astound.  It is a wave of experience,” said Wolk.

When creating art, Wolk’s passions come into play, particularly for CHARM APE.  Wolk noted he enjoys star-gazing, exploring and experiencing nature, bright colors, writing and drawing in a daily journal, and dreaming – during both day and night.  His exhibit is based on the latter.  In the event’s press release, Wolk said, “I began having the most vivid dreams which intensified into full mythic visions.  I found myself identifying with the central figure of this unfolding parable. I enter the exhibition not only as the creator but also the ceremonial participant; the protagonist of this myth.”

Despite the event’s exclusivity (because it’s “one night only”), Wolk is open to the idea of a free-range, traveling show.  He said, “I will be changed and I assume my work may expand in different directions. I hope to go exactly where it takes me.  Look at the eraser collection.  It is a big jar of colorful charms.  I’ve had it since I was a little boy.  Charm Ape for life it seems.” (see top photo)

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The CHARM APE exhibition is free and opens at 7 p.m. – the performance starts promptly at 8:30 p.m.  Find the Giver of Charms for further details and instruction.  Check back this weekend for a review of the exhibit.

NOTE:  Follow my experience at the exhibit on twitter.  I’ll be using the hashtag:  #CharmApe