Resolutions 2014: #BecomingTheBobbyJames & Joie de Vivre!

BecommingTheBobbyJames - v2Forget coming up with a word or theme that’s supposed to represent my year – last year’s “theme” was Up, Up and Away and… well that didn’t happen.  I didn’t fly anywhere – I didn’t even fly a kite.  How depressing.  So I got to thinking – “What’s the problem? Why didn’t that happen?”

The only thing I could come up with was this:  It didn’t happen because I’m not the ideal version of myself.  I have an image in my head of who I want to be, where I want to go, and what I expect from that ideal – but it’s not quite who I am.  I want to work toward my becoming the ideal version of myself.  I want to become “The Bobby James.” I’ll be using the hashtag #BecomingTheBobbyJames a lot this year as I embark on this journey of even further self-discovery.  I have five goals that I’ll be working toward in 2014:

1.  Become more HUMBLE:  I know, I know – you’re thinking “Bobby James humble? There’s too much Diva-tude going on there,” or “You’re always going to be an asshole.”  Well, that’s what I think you might be thinking, but I really hope it’s not what you’re thinking… but, if it is, like I suspect it might be, then it looks like I have some work to do.  I have an image to shape and some perceptions to change (though, I suspect, I’ll always be at least 50% fiery for life).

Some of you know the fiery version of me (this is me about 85% of the time) – and some of you know the vulnerable, friendly, and kind version of me (I hold a lot of doors and reach a lot of peanut butter for sweet little old ladies, just so you know).  That latter version is the one I want more of you to know.  It’s exhausting being fiery all the time.  I want to get more joy out of life (joie de vivre!), I want to take in more of the small moments, and to create memories with people. I want to laugh more easily and smile more often.  I want to live, in the present moment! – and I think a slight descent toward Earth will help me achieve this goal – as will…

2.  Being more IMPULSIVE:  I’m calculating and worrisome.  I don’t do it if I can’t afford it or if I feel any apprehension.  This year, I’m saying “What the hell!” If I want to take that vacation, I’m going to find a way to take it.  If I want to go zip-lining or sky-diving, I’m going zip-lining or sky-diving.  If there’s someone I’d like to ask on a date – I’m going to ask.  If I feel like working out at 11:00 at night, I’m going to get off my ass or out of my bed and get it done.  If I want to stop what I’m doing to create a piece of art, write a poem, or work on a book – then I’m going to do it. You name it – if I feel like doing it, then I’m doing it (I may even get a tattoo, who knows). 

3.  The #BodyBobby: Ah, hello 2014 hashtag #2! This year, I am achieving all of my fitness goals.  I will post weekly blogs tracking my success and by 2015, I’m going to have an ass that makes you drool!   This goal goes back to that entire little comment about the ideal Bobby that you’ve already read about.  I can’t tell you how many things I haven’t done, or how many auditions I haven’t gone to because I think: “I’m too fat.”

This is a yearly struggle – and “I’m too fat” is a yearly, monthly, daily excuse.  Enough is enough – it’s time to make the permanent  lifestyle changes that will ensure my success.  I have the knowledge, capability, support, and encouragement I need to succeed.  So then, isn’t it time to succeed and to develop the #BodyBobby? I think so.

Note:  I’m going to avoid red meats as best as I can this year – that means I’ll be having lots of chicken, turkey, and fish! Poor little critters. YUM! (really, I mean that YUM!)

(Look for the first #BodyBobby blog on Monday, January 6!  If you thought my strides in 2012 were great – though currently, they’ve been erased – you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!)


4.  Publish [at least] ONE book/academic research article: I know the first goal of this year is to become more humble. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to be ambitious.  In fact, I haven’t really been ambitious in years – I’ve been a procrastinator – and I’ve been lazy. That stops now.  I have several great ideas at the moment:  children’s books, short stories, novels, screenplays, visual art pieces, etc.  I am an artist.  I can make a living being an artist.  I need to become a working artist. That’s what I intend to do.

Ideally, I’d love to finish and work to have The Adventures of Coffee M. Monkey and Sarah published – but that may not be what needs to happen this year.  Perhaps I’ll self-publish one of the three children’s books I have sitting in the drawer awaiting a revision or two and illustration.  Or maybe I’ll create an academic research article and shop it around to a film-trade magazine.  None of that gets done though if I’m not trying and trust me when I say, I haven’t been trying – but I will be.  I’m tired of being complacent – I’m ready for hard work, risk, and pay-off. 

5.  AUDITION! AUDITION! AUDITION! One thing’s for sure – I’ll never enjoy acting if I’m not doing it – and I can’t do it if I’m not auditioning.  For the record, I love acting – I want to be an actor.  So keep your eyes peeled – with some technique training and a little luck, hopefully I’ll be involved in a project or ten this year.  You never know in the business of “no.”

That’s all folks! Those are the five major goals I have for 2014, but…

I have quite a few minor ones too – collectively, I’ll call them the 2014 Bucket List o’Ten:

1.  To go fly that kite (the one I mentioned way up at the top)!

2.  To develop LOTS and LOTS of new visual art (and maybe even sell a piece?).

3.  To roll down a hill (like I used to as a child).

4. To explore new places I’ve never been to before.

5.  To do one thing I never thought to do before.

6.  To continue to Cause An Uproar (I’d like to find a way to be more active w/ Nat Geo’s initiative).

7.  To learn some survival skills – like how to make fire (using traditional, nature-based methods).

8.  To try at least 10 foods I’ve never tried before!

9.  To learn a new fighting style(?)

10.  To plant a tree.