Launching #BodyBobby

BodyBobby2014withTextThe goal is simple:  Be the self ideal.  Be the #BodyBobby.

This is my top priority in 2014 – the achievement of my ideal body.  I know I can.  I am capable.  No distractions.  No bullshit.  No excuses.  Get results! That’s all.

I hope you’re all coming on the journey.  Going forward, there will be a Monday post titled Briefing #BodyBobby.  In these posts I will share with you weekly fitness successes and failures, as well as some food pictures, and some of my favorite recipes that I tried. I will also be making my weekly weigh-in public.  #BodyBobby starts now:

Official Weigh-In:  225 pounds.

I’ll also be using Facebook and twitter throughout the week using the hashtag #BodyBobby! As Peter Pan would say, “Here we goooooooooooo….”