Stratusfied: 30-Day Challenge starts NOW

At the beginning of 2012 I declared this would be my most successful fitness year – and to date, I’m still 20 pounds less than I was when I started that quest!  Unfortunately, at this point in the year, I had hoped to be in a very different place – and it seems the last couple months, while I had tennis, school, and work keeping me busy, I’ve had a mis-step and it’s time to get it back!

I will use the tools I have and starting as soon as this blog as posted, my next Stratusphere 30-Day Challenge will begin.  This means food charting and following a strict workout regimen – all things that worked extremely well for me from January through March, my most successful months this year (12 pounds went bye-bye in six weeks!).  In addition, I’m looking to implement my own Yoga routine again and I’m declaring a new personal cardio goal:

By the end of the 30-Day Challenge, I will run 1 mile in 7 minutes flat

If you’d been following my progress up through August/September, you’d know that my mile time began at 13.5 minutes.  Most recently, I’ve worked to a personal best of 7 minutes and 48 seconds (that’s faster than my first grade mile I used to drive me to a goal!).

Well, enough chit-chat… time to get my sweat on and to move into the challenge …. the gun show is coming – keep checking back here for progress updates!

Ciao, ciao for now –