Best Body 2013: It’s “Bobby-time”

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne HathawayIt’s no secret that over the past decade I’ve really struggled to attain the body I desire.

Last year I made great strides in the right direction and lost 30 pounds from January 16-March 15.  I managed to keep that weight off – until this most recent winter (November-April) when I gained 20 pounds back.  Le sigh.

Here’s what I did right:  I monitored my daily caloric intake, ate healthier foods, and exercised regularly.  I began with Trish Stratus’ 30-Day Challenge and parlayed that success into working with my fitness trainer Nate Jones.  I then fused Trish and Nate’s exercises and added cardio 3-4 times per week.  The results were coming in exactly how I wanted them to!  Then, in August, I started playing Tennis – and by October, my game had grown!  I felt more athletic and was performing at the best level of my life!

During this time, I was well-rested, my skin was healthier, I had a ton of energy, and all those minor, daily aches and pains were gone.  I even posted a personal best ever mile time – I ran that thing in 7 minutes and 45 seconds (and all I wanted to do was run it in 8 minutes, like I had when I was 6, twenty years prior!).

Here’s where I went wrong: It was around October when I really began to slip.  I was attending class 5 days per week and working, which meant I was eating late sometimes, making wrong food choices other times, and eating out the rest of the time.  Additionally, I thought playing tennis would offset my poor decision-making.  Obviously, I was wrong.  Throughout the holiday season, I ate more and exercised way less than I should have.  In fact, from November to February, my exercise log shows ONE cardio session! ONE!  What the hell was I doing (or not doing rather)?

Then it happened.  My final semester of grad. school.  What did that entail? Syrupy coffee drinks – and lots of them.  Eating out (fast food) every single Tuesday and Thursday.  No exercise.  Tons of writing (which meant I was sitting a lot!).  And when I wasn’t writing/doing homework, I was catching up on my favorite TV shows (all 50,000 of them – damn compelling television!).

So this was the situation:  Sleep.  Eat.  Homework.  Eat Out.  Work.  Homework.  Eat Out.  Coffee x 3,000.  Sleep.  You get the idea.

man shelf

The Re-Focus:  Two weeks after graduation I went to put on a pair of pants – they didn’t fit.  I tried on all 4 pairs of shorts – they didn’t fit.  So I have/had two pairs of jeans that fit and athletic shorts… great wardrobe, right?  The shirts fit a little tighter and this Saturn belt (that’s what I’ve named my mid-section fat roll) was jiggly! I was NEVER jiggly before! EVER!

I decided then, enough is enough.  I’m putting an end to this struggle! I’m getting my ideal body – and the best body of my entire life!

It’s been 3 weeks since this “re-focus,” and I’ve exercised irregularly.  Eaten out once or twice and have cut coffee down to just weekend mornings (instead of every single day!).  I’ve been stocking up on fresh veggies and fruits, bought healthy crunchy snacks (I love my Triscuit crackers!), bought better cereals, quit eating at work (Olive Garden), etc. etc.  Since then, I’ve lost 5 pounds.

But this is a far-cry from where I’m going…

absThe Goal:  People tell me I’m cute – which is a nice sentiment, but dammit, I want people to look at me – their jaw drop to the floor and saliva to flow like Niagra Falls! I want to be sexy – desirable – HOT!  I want to have a great (as Tyra Banks would say) “Booty-Tooch.” I want to transform my “Moobs” (man boobs) into a Man Shelf.  I want visible abs.  I want sexy and defined legs (I already have great ankles!).  And finally, I wanna actually be able to show up to a gun show and flash a couple guns (biceps)! I want to look how I’ve never looked before.  I want a complete transformation.

Years ago, when I started attending school (for acting), I kept hearing the same message:  Your body is your tool.

Now, here I am, many (and I mean many) years later – I’m finished with grad. school and I want my life to begin.  My body is my tool. My body is my temple – and dammit, I want to have a nice temple!

That said, let me break it down (these are the mini-goals):

July 1:  Blog about where we are:  Measurements, weigh-in AND Begin a “Stratusphere 30-Day Challenge”

July 15:  Blog about where we are: Weigh-in AND successes/struggles.  Run a mile in 9 minutes (ideal weight loss of 6-8 pounds)

August 1: Blog about where we are:  Measurements, weigh-in AND Run a mile in 8:15.

August 15:  Blog about where we are:  Weigh-in AND successes/struggles (ideal weight loss of 6-8 pounds)

September 1:  Blog about where we are: Measurements, weigh-in AND Run a mile in 7:50.

Major Goal #1 (by Sept. 1):  Run 1 mile in 7:50; Total Weight Loss of 16 pounds

Then we’ll go from there… time to get busy.  Wish me luck.  Your support will only inspire me on this life-changing journey that I’m getting right this time around… you’ll see.  I promise.

NOTE:  I chose this photo of Jake Gyllenhaal from the movie “Jarhead” because this is the body shape I am aiming for.  Lean, defined, and toned – and because he’s my favorite actor – and who better to look to than one of your role models?  Sorry Trish, I’d look to you – but it’s just not possible for me to have your figure, haha!