#BodyBobby Update and the “Olympic Challenge”


Good morning!  As you may have seen in another post of mine earlier this week, so far #BodyBobby hasn’t been the take-off success I’d hoped it would be.  I started the year at 230 pounds – and since the second week of January, I’ve held steady at 225.  Blah.

So I’ve decided to challenge myself over the next two weeks – I’m calling it my “Olympic Challenge” (#BeOlympic).  While the athletes of the world are competing on their grandest stage of all, I’m going to try my hardest to compete at my best, most aggressive and focused level ever.  So for the next 17 days here are the DAILY goals:

  • 30 minute Yoga routine every single morning
  • 50 squats every day during the first 7 days; 100 squats every day after
  • Cardio! Cardio! Cardio!  (log mile times, arc trainer, jumping rope, etc.) – minimum 20 minute sessions
  • Stratusphere Yoga 3-4 times weekly (2-3 sections)

Between now and February 23, I will not post another #BodyBobby Update – but I will be updating you all via twitter (so be sure to check the little twitter feed on the right side of the Bobby’s World front page).  As it stands, if I am successful, here’s what the result of 17 days should look like:

  • 510 minutes of Yoga (or 8.5 hours)
  • 1,350 squats
  • 340 minutes of Cardio (or approx. 5.5 hours)
  • A whole lot of Stratusfaction! It’s guaranteed.

There you have it.  Check twitter.  Cheer me on – and I’ll be back with an update on February 23.  Until then, #BeOlympic and join me in the quest for your own #BodyBobby.


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