Best Body 2013: Day 1 – Check-In

7-1-13 Weigh InThere won’t be much to this post.  It’s DAY 1 on my quest to achieve my Best Body ever.  As we all know, this is the launch pad, this is the moment where we look at where we are – and where we hope to go.  DAY 1 can be the most discouraging day (especially when the sun isn’t shining!) but it can also be the most inspirational.

Today, I’m determined … so let’s get this ball rolling.

WEIGH-IN:  227.2 pounds

Agenda:  Stratusphere Yoga and Cardio for two weeks.

Goal by Jul. 15:  Run a mile in 9 minutes

Goal by Jul 15:  Weight LOSS of 6-8 pounds

See you all for the next “Check-In” on JULY 15! 

p.s. – measurements are not included, yet.  They will be for comparison on the August 1 “Check-In.” Can’t wait to see how this will all pay off! 🙂